Battle above Zosha


Unknown Regions


Zosha system





Primary terrain:

Wetlands, Tundras, Oceans

Points of interest:

Blackstar base


Zosha was a planet located in the largely uncharted Unknown Regions of the galaxy that was largely shrouded in secrecy to most beings. During the Galactic War, a short conflict between the Sith Empire and the Republic over the planet's atmosphere known as the Zosha Advance occurred that ended in a decisive Republic victory; the remnants of the Imperial warship destroyed in the battle, the Scream of Ragnos, orbited the planet up until the time of the Clone Wars thousands of years later.

Interestingly, Zosha was one of the few planets in the galaxy to orbit a black hole instead of a sun, a phenomenon seen only in the wild outer regions of space and the turbulent "Deep Core," where a super-massive black hole reportedly resided in the galactic center.

Most notably, the planet was the base of operations for the mysterious Blackstar Society, who kept a base there until they were forced to abandon it to throw off Eternal Empire pursuers.

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