Zachary Rojas

"It's better to have something in life than to have nothing."


Full Name

Minor Zachary Rojas. I was named after my father, Minor Robert Rojas.


Ocean Gods


50 - Mastered

Home Island/Town



Zachary is a kind, good-hearted, adventurous, bit of a hot-head pirate who loves to joke around sometimes. He is willing to help anyone with anything with no price. A sailor and lover of the sea and its life within it. He hates the colds and would love to be anywhere that is warm or hot like Padres Del Fuego. He has a major disliking of plants. He's also serving as an apprentice to Tia Dalma to become a Voodoo Master.


Zachary was born in a small house near the Pantano River in Cuba. When his father disappeared a while back, he sets out to look for him. Unfortunately, He was caught stealing by tall figures in black who call themselves The East India Trading Company. They threw him into a jail cell in the Ramble Shack Island. When he awoke, he met a man named Jack Sparrow, who helped him break out of prison. When Zachary left, he met another man named Will Turner who gives a rusted cutlass. After escaping with Bo Beck, Zachary met the worst thing that he'll never forget, Jolly Roger. When Jolly killed Bo Beck, he let Zachary live. Ever since he got his pistol and ship, Zachary was summoned by the mystic of his home island, Tia Dalma. He soon learned the ways of Voodoo. After so many adventures, Zachary became a strong pirate. He is determined to repay Jack Sparrow for getting him out of prison.

Story Chapter One - It begins

Along the way to becoming a Voodoo Master, he met the Casa de Muertos guild. He helped the guild take out the voodoo protection totems of Port Royal (not knowing that the guild actually worked for Jolly Roger). When he learned the truth after the first invasion, he was in deep sorrow. But when Jolly Roger begins tormenting his mind, he threw that sorrow away and bowed that he will find a way to defeat Jolly. When The Casa de Muertos guild returned in Padres Del Fuego, he simply said no to them.

When he learned about El Patron's Lost Weapons, he knew that they are the key to kill Jolly. When he learned about his father's disappearance, he grew a dark hatred for the EITC for it turns out that they are the ones who took his father. Zachary only seek to hold the Lost Sword of El Patron himself to take down Jolly and the EITC.

Through out his journeys, he met a pirate named Jeremy Lancaster who he soon became best friends with and eventually calling each other brothers.

Both Jolly Roger and Tia Dalma have some certain interest in Zachary that he doesn't know about. Suspicious about how Tia speaks of the sea as "herself" caused him to learn that Tia is the Sea Goddess, Calypso. She explains a story to him about a legendary warrior known as the Sea Guardian, and how the Sea Guardian can only be chosen by a Sea God or Goddess. She also told him that the first Sea Guardian was chosen by Poseidon many years ago, and now that it is her turn to choose then next one. She explains that she will either choose Zachary or another person who, just like Zachary, is an apprentice to her who is very powerful with the dark arts of Voodoo.

Zachary is a member of the Ocean Gods guild who is very kind to him. He see value in every pirate and hope that once Jolly Roger is gone for good, he could get back to finding his father. He and his best friend both travel with many other friends.

His ship is named Sea Guardian, which hints his may to come destiny and his love for the sea. When the Lost Weapons appeared, he fought numerous enemies to find the Lost Sword, but instead, he found many useful weapons like the Duelist Sabre, Hex Guard Musket, Military Broadsword, and Night Hunter Blunderbuss and learned there special powers. Even though he found many rare weapons, he has yet to find the Lost Sword of El Patron to defeat Jolly Roger, for Jolly being a undead skeleton, if Zachary or anybody else finds the sword, they would be his equal. But if Jolly is to have the sword, he would be invincible as a Undead Ghost Skeleton. This is the reason why Zachary is searching hard for the weapon.

Zachary is somehow now losing his mind and going crazy to find the Lost Sword of El Patron, which is costing him his dream of being a Voodoo Master. He eventually overcome that madness and realized that there are other ways to defeat Jolly Roger without the Lost Sword. His realization had helped him go back to his quest to becoming a Voodoo Master and forgetting about the Lost Sword.

Zachary is also looking for a pirate named Sandra Tew of the Marceline Guild, for he senses that she is the next Sea Guardian for her Voodoo powers are far more superior to his and that she has been Tia Dalma's apprentice much longer than he was.

His main weapons are: Voodoo Hunter Broadsword, Hex Hunter Musket, Renewal Doll, Guardian Staff, Duelist Sabre, War Dagger, Swashbuckler's Blunderbuss, Bejeweled Broadsword, and Dark Fire Cutlass.

Zachary was able to meet Sandre Tew and another member of the Marceline Guild on Cuba, who were on the hunt for Captain Ezekiel Rott, the very man who tricked Zachary into removing the Voodoo Protection Totems in Port Royal which cause there removal gave Jolly Roger the advantage start his invasions. When The Marceline and the pirates, with Zachary among them, found Rott, he explains what he did to Captain Walter. After he escaped, Zachary felt the sadness in Sandra's heart, and decide to give the official introduction some other time when she's better. But her sadness caused Zachary to remind him of his sadness when he helped Rott remove the Protection Totems and thus, the invasions came.

Feeling anger and hatred against Rott, Zachary pledge to himself that he will avenge Captain Walter and make Sandra happy again by killing Captain Ezekiel RATT (same way how Sandra called him Ratt), and to kill Jolly Roger once and for all, even if Zachary doesn't have the Lost Sword, but he still have Darkfire Cutlass, which he believe’s is the sword that Jolly Roger once wielded since he has seen green fire near the Jolly Roger spectral form in the Catacombs.

When the Potions tables appeared, Zachary began working immediately on them for he knows he must master Potion Making now if he wishes to become a Voodoo Master. He recently mastered his Voodoo Staff, thus getting him one step closer to becoming a Voodoo Master.

Zachary currently remembered about his father's disappearance similar how Captain Walter disappeared. He began fearing that since the EITC was the cause of his father's disappearance, he fears that the EITC may have killed is father, same way how Ezekiel Rott killed Captain Walter.

He has recently been spying on the EITC and more specifically the Co. Empire for he has dealt with them many times in the past before he joined the Ocean Gods. But if he wishes to stay in the guild, he has to respect their Number One Rule: to never go to war with other guilds. But for the sake of his father, he has to find out the truth and he knows he will get his answers from his sworn enemies, The Co. Empire Guild. But over the time he found alternative ways than just fighting. Luckily, he has a friend on the inside that is part of the Empire.

Unfortunately he will also need the Co. Empire help also for recently, there is a evil replica of Zachary crawling about. Mario reported the news to him about the evil "shadow" of him. Not liking the idea of getting help from the people who took away his father, Zachary knows he has no choice but to get there help, for he has a feeling that Jolly Roger has something to do with this evil replica. And the only people who were close allies with Jolly Roger was the EITC, thus he has to gain their help. if they don't arrest and kill him first.

Zachary is beginning to understand the powers of the Darkfire Cutlass. It has the ability to corrupt the heart of the weak, but since Zachary doesn't have a weak heart, he is able to control the sword. He was able to learn how to keep the sword aflame without it burning out.

Zachary currently lives in his small wooden house in Cuba that is next to the Tailor shop. He rarely stays on the island when there is nothing going on in the Caribbean at the moment, but if something comes up like Jolly Roger's Invasion or EITC and Navy Treasure Fleets, he will put on his nice blue coat and set off with his fellow Ocean Gods Guild.

Zachary and his crewed had recently sailed through a hurricane and were able to get around a maelstrom that was within the hurricane. One of his crew men were able to find a old scroll in the rough waters of the hurricane that contains information about a legendary sword that was forged by Calypso thousands of years ago, but Poseidon feared the powers of the sword so he had it stolen then lost without a trace. Interested in this, Zachary took the scroll to Tia Dalma to help explain what this powerful sword is.

Tia Dalma explained that this Legendary Sword is nothing more than the poorly named Legend Sword, which gives the user the powers of a Sea God, like creating storms, tidal waves, maelstroms, cyclones, etc. The sword is said to have a hilt made of pure silver, a handle made of black pearl, the end of the handle made out of sapphire, and the blade of the sword is made out of thick, pure, cursed gold where the powers of the sword lies.

Interested in the sword, Zachary began setting out to find it. But before he left, Tia Dalma revealed a dark secret. Zachary's father once searched for the Legend Sword too. But when the EITC heard about his father's search, Lord Cutler Beckett feared the sword was going to be used against them, so his took Zachary's father away, leaving his fate unknown.

After hearing this, Zachary returned to his ship quietly.

He has recently been hearing news about his evil counterpart, Shadow Zachary. Hearing what Shadow Zachary did, Zachary is going to challenge Shadow Zachary on Cuba to see who the real is and who the fake is. This Battle of Two Halves will determine the fate of them both.

Zachary began searching for clues on where to find the Golden Legend Sword, the legendary blade that is said to give its user the powers of the sea at his or her command. Before departing though, Macomo came to tell Zachary a bit of information about another sword. Macomo explained about the Ghost Sword, a cursed sword that was transformed into a ghostly form. A sword that is a ghost itself. Macomo also explained that the Ghost Sword had a curse: if the sword is to come into contact with any sword with special powers like Cleanse or Blood Fire, it will drain away that swords power rendering it useless for a short amount of time. The swords curse can even drain away the Legend Sword's power to make it nothing more than a pricy sword. He also explain to Zachary that the only way to counter the Ghost Sword's curse, it too used weapons that have cursed abilities like Cursed Fire or Ghost Form. The Ghost Sword cannot drain away those kinds of powers since they are cursed into those weapons too, making them cursed weapons.

After hearing this, Zachary look into his Darkfire Cutlass, and started to be amazed on how he wield a very special weapon.

Zachary has recently mastered his Doll. He is now one step closer to becoming a Voodoo Master. All he needs now is the rest of Tia Dalma's Manegirie and master Potion Making and then he will be a true Voodoo Master.

Recently though, Zachary has been feeling tired and worn out. He seems to be loosing heart in battling. So he has decided to take a vacation on his home island. But it seems he has truly lost his heart in being a pirate and he knows he still has a little bit of a warrior in him left. Now he is trying to regain heart again in pirating.

Zachary also has recently found a mysterious egg near the entrance of the Pantano River when he was hunting alligators. Not knowing what it is, he took the egg to Tia Dalma. After examining the egg, Tia told Zachary that it was a Kraken egg. Zachary was shock at first but then he came up an idea. After a long conversation with Tia, she decide to give Zachary a gift; the power to control sea creatures at his will, similar to how she gave Davy Jones that power before he betrayed her long time ago. All what Zachary needs to do now is wait for the Kraken egg to hatch and become fully grown. He will then train the Kraken to become stronger by using the souls from the Navy and EITC soldiers from their ships they will be sinking. Zachary decided to call the Kraken Kalmah. Zachary and Kalmah have alot of work to do together.

Finally after almost two months, Zachary has finally regained heart again in fighting. Now fully rested and reborned, he now sets off to the high seas with his Kraken, Kalmah, to find his next great adventure.

Story Chapter Two - A new journey begins

After doing some thinking, Zachary has decided to finish what he started: regaining the Black Pearl. He only has one member left to recruit then he can hire a crew to to get the Black Pearl out of the hnds of the Navy. He then plans on to continue his search for his long lost father who has left to search for the Legend Sword before he got captured by EITC soon after that.

Zachary also plans on finishing his apprentice ship of Voodoo so he can become a Master after such a long journey of working hard. He now seeks to become the first Pirate Lord of the Uncharted Waters since he has gone so deep into the spiritual world, he's practically starting to become a powerful and wise mystic like his teacher, Tia Dalma. But for some reason, his Flagship, Sea Guardian, appearance has been changing for some odd reason, becoming more cursed looking everyday.

Taking a quick stop back on Cuba to get some answers, Zachary decide to have Tia Dalma tell him whats going on. Tia, finally deciding to tell the truth, told Zachary that he is to be a scourge of the shore. A damned soul that is meant to be cursed for the rest of his life. The same fate that Davy Jones and a man named James Sterling have. Tia also told him that's the reason why his heart can't be corrupted by the Darkfire Cutlass and why she gave him the ability to control and communicate with Kalmah the Kraken and other sea creatures of the deep. She also explains to him that he will also soon be capable of having incredible powers like creating storms and traveling between the realm of the living and dead.

Zachary, with nothing more to say, left the Pantano River. As soon he got out, he was running and screaming "NO" all the way back to his ship. They say dead men tell no tales. Well Zachary's tale is just beginning.

Zachary was able to make it back to his ship to do some thinking about what Tia Dalma told him. If he is really meant to be a cursed man, he might as well get used to it for he has been going under some personality changes as well.

Deciding to attack a EITC ship that he needs to sink to get his mind off of things, Zachary and his crew decide to raid a Flagship. Successfully dismantling the ship, the crew were able to defeat all the EITC soldiers saved for one, who was fighting Zachary. Zachary, getting easily overpowered by the EITC soldier, was loosing the fight. The soldier mocked him for being as pathetic as his father. Upon hearing this, Zachary grew a dark anger that he has never felt before. Picking up his Darkfire Cutlass, he attacked the soldier ferociously with no revolt.

Having all of the gold looted from the flagship, The Sea Guardian crew watched as it burns into the sea. Zachary then interrogated the soldier he defeated earlier. The soldier confessed that it was he who captured Zachary's father long ago. He also confessed that Zach's father is still alive, but was marooned on a unknown island left to fend for himself. Zachary, finally lost control of his temper, threatened the soldier his life. The soldier begged Zachary, as a pirate, to show mercy to him. But Zachary only replied stating that he's all out of mercy. He then brutally stab the soldier to death continuously until there was nothing left. He then feed the corpse of the slaughtered soldier to Kalmah.

Zachary then left to his quarters in the shipping. Finally excepting his future fate as a dead man, he bowed that he would protect the sea by killing all types of evil like Jolly Roger, even though he is not the Sea Guardian.

Zachary returned to Cuba to get some rest and some Voodoo Rum. While he and his crew had there drinks, Macomo came from behind to tell Zachary something very important. It seems that the rumors Zachary heard about a mysterious island seems to be true as new fishes have been showing up lately. Zachary eye twitched. Getting his crew back onto the ship, they set sail to search for Matanui, an old friend of Zachary who is from the lost island of Raven Cove.

Along needing something to get his mind off of things, Zachary and his crew decide to go raid a Merchant ship of the Royal Navy. As they were preparing to board, the Merchant Ship's captain called upon Zachary. Bringing only Jeremy along with him, Zachary boarded the ship with caution. As the captain approached him, he asked him if he were Zachary. Replying with a answer, Zachary asked the Merchant Captain what is it he wants, the captain then gave Zachary a box. Zachary asked why is the Merchant Captain given him a box, the Captain only replied "Your oldest sister pay alot of gold for us to deliver that to you".

Silent, but shocked to hear about his sister, Zachary took the box and went back to his ship, leaving the merchant ship to continue on with its schedule. Back in his quarters, Zachary looked what was inside the box. Within the box was a mysterious, octopus-looking charm that glittered in the light. The eyes of the octopus then suddenly began glowing. Out of no where., Zachary heard a bunch of screaming outside. When he looked to see what it was, he saw that the merchant ship was now being attacked by Kalmah, Zachary's Kraken. Suddenly it clicked into him, has was holding the legendary Kraken Pendant, a special charm which allow those who hold it control a Kraken.

Finally after months of recruiting, Zachary has finally completed his repayment to Jack Sparrow by saving the Black Pearl. With help from his guild mate and his friend James Warhawk, Zachary has no longer has to repay Sparrow.

But not all endings are meant to be happy. Zachary was on his ship, The Sea Guardian, while he was on his way back to Cuba to tell Tia Dalma the good news until a strange fog appeared from no where. From the fog came what Zachary has thought to never see again, The Harkaway, the flagship of Jolly Roger! Zachary was alone on his ship when The Harkaway appeared.

Out from dark magic, Jolly Roger and his four generals appeared on the deck of the Sea Guardian. Jolly Roger was not happy about Zachary saving Jack's ship. Thus Jolly Roger challenge him to a duel. Using the Darkfire Cutlass, Zachary attacked viciously on Jolly Roger. But unlike Jolly Roger who is not a pirate that sticks to the code, he had his Generals hold Zachary down. Jolly Roger then took out a mysterious glowing green sword that Zachary has never seen before. Zachary was doomed, if Jolly Roger kills him, he would probably become his newest minion to the Undead Army. Jolly took the glowing sword and impaled it into Zachary's chest. There was nothing but blood coming out of Zachary, but hewas not dead yet. Before departing, Jolly Roger came up to the dying Zachary and told him that dead me tell no tales, and because of that, he is going to let Zachary die quick and painless. Jolly then returned to his ship.

Zachary was nearly dead, all he can hear was Jolly's order to sink the Sea Guardian. Then in the next second, he was and his ship was now sinking to the bottom of the ocean. With no strength to move, and no air to breath, along with to much lost of blood, Zachary and his mighty ship were now sinking to the bottom the ocean. With his eyes closed, all he can hear was a beautiful voice. Will he become a member of Jolly Roger's army, or will he end up in Davy Jones' Locker? When dying at sea, the fate of one is to be left unknown..............

Story Chapter 3 - Rebirthed Destined Mastery

Zachary awoke, his sight was dim but it was good enough. Strangly though, he was back on his ship. He just wanted to sleep some more though, but he knew sleeping has to wait. Getting up, Zachary felt his heart beating strongly. He was tired, confused, and shocked that he is still alive back on his ship.

Zachary looked around to see what outside of the Sea Guardian. It was hard to see since the ship was near some kind of black fog. Getting frustrated on how could he be alive and where he's at, Zachary was about to throw a grenade to wake him self up. Just as he was going to throw his grenade, a voice came from behind him. This voice, however, was not the same voice that he heard when he died. The voice was coming from a man; a man who was right behind him. Zachary turned to the mysterious figure. He couldn't see the man's voice since he had it well covered with some kind of hood.

Zachary was about to attack until he notices that his weapons are gone. The man told Zachary that he comes in peace. For some odd reason, the man's voice felt familiar to Zachary, as if he heard it before when he was a young lad. Zachary asked the man how is himself still alive. The man was silent for a moment, and then he explained that he saw Zachary's ship rising up from the depths, but Zachary was dragged onto the beach by some kind of person. Zachary was shocked. He then asked who was it that saved him. The man only replied say that the person that saved him was a women with a beautiful voice. Zachary's head clicked, could the person who saved him was the person who had that lovely voice when he died. Zachary's head became filled with questions that he wanted to asked the mysterious man. Zachary was trying to remember what happened after he died. He remembered about having that dream, but he can't remember what happen after the dream ended, but he knew he was awake for a while after the dream. He then asked the Mysterious man how did his ship came back. The man was silent for a while. He sooned tossed Zachary's weapons to the ground, and told him to listen for the voice, that in time everything will make sense. The man soon turned around a began leaving the ship. Zachary told him to wait; he then asked the man who was he. The man only replied "someone from your childhood". Then the man jumped from the boat; Zachary chased after him but the man was gone.

Deciding to hold off his questions until he gets back to Cuba, Zachary took the wheel and sailed off with his ressurected ship. He then heard a voice; it was the beautiful voice from before. Zachary looked off to see where it was coming from. The fog was so dense that he could roughly see ten twenty feet away from him. But then a figure appeared. He couldn't make out the face but he can see the hair of the being. The hair seems to be bright blonde with a glowing blue aura coming offf from it. The being then lifted its hand and made a clear path through the fog. Zacary could see what the being was doing: it was helping him find a way through the fog. The being then disappeared into the water.

Zachary sailed his ship through the clear path in the fog made by the being. As soon as he got out, he turned to see mountains protruding out of the top of the fog. He then realized that the fog was actually shrouding an island as if it was hiding it. It then made him wonder if that island is Raven Cove, and is the island that the Mysterious man saw Zachary being dragged onto shore by the sea women with the beautiful voice. But the real question for Zachary is who is that sea women, and who is that mysterous man who knows Zachary. And what did the man meant by "someone from his childhood"? All these questions are gonna have to be asked to Tia Dalma. But at least, Zachary realized, he was alive and back. And he also realized that he owe the sea women some gratitude for saving him.

As soon Zachary was back home in Cuba, he talked with Tia Dalma about the recents events that happened to him. He then asked Tia Dalma about the Mysterious man and the Sea Women he met and seen. Sadly however, Tia only replied that since she was no longer has her powers as Calypso, she doesn't know everything that happened reacently in the sea. And she also explained that the mysterious island has a powerful magical force inside the fog around it that not even Voodoo can penetrate. Tia apologize about the her inability to see beyond that island. Zachary said it was ok and that at least she tried. Tia Dalma then notice that Zachary was tired, and she advised him to get some rest. Zachary thought that was a good idea and decide to head to his house.

Soon after he got some rest, Zachary went to Tortuga to get resulpy on ammo. As soon as he got there (via Teleportation) he saw that everybody was fishing. He then realized that fishing markets were now open. Grabbing a rod and some lures, Zachary took a relaxing time of catching different types of fish. But when Zachary caught a Black Chimera fish, it look like an undead fish of Jolly Roger. Zachary grew frustrated. He hadn't forget what Jolly Roger did to him. His head then started acheing with a large screech in it. He then fell unconcious for a moment.

Zachary was having a flashback; back to the moment after he was killed by Jolly Roger. He was still sinking into the water after he had his mysterious dream. As soon as he woke up, he saw that he was sinking into a graveyard of ship at the bottom of the ocean. But it was just a graveyard; at the bottom of the sea Zachary could see figures, figures with an undead look on them. As he tried swimming back up, but couldn't, the undead people at the sea floor gathering around to capture Zachary. Sadly though, one undead pirate on a mast was able to grab Zachary, pulling him up from behind. And then everything was blank from there.

When Zachary got up again from the flashback, he was wondering what on earth happen back there when he died. He then decide to search for some answers. Knowing he can't always rely on Tia Dalma to help, Zachary decide to search for the answers himself. And one good place to start is the mysterious, foggy island where he and his ship were at after he back from his death.

Heading back to Cuba, Zachary, heard the sea women's voice again, singing. But it wasn't just a song, it sounded more like directions. The voice told Zachary to head to the Mysterious Island, where he was found by the Mysterious Man in black who returned him to his ship. Zachary followed the directions to the island. As he got there, he came to a stop: He cannot see through the fog, and he might accidently shipwreck himself. Asking the sea women why she want him back at the island, Zachary waited. The sea women replied with a melody saying that a weapon needs to be awakened. Then out of now where, a pillar of water came up beside the Sea Guardian's broadside.

Zachary came torward the pillar of water. As he approached it, he drew out the Darkfire Cutlass, ready to fight if this was a ambush. But then, at the top of the pillar, a sword came out. Zachary asked the sea women what was it. Once agian the women sing in a melody, saying that it is a cursed weapon, a weapon more deadlier than Darkfire Cutlass: The Cursed Seafang Blade. Zachary took the sword from the pillar, and as he did, the pillar merged with the sea again.

Zachary examined the blade, and he notices that it was covered in barnnicles. It must've been in the ocean for a long time. Then the voice sang again, saying that the Seafang Blade was at the very spot where those cursed pirates were at before she came to save him. Zachary sighed in the air for a moment. But his head began hurting from thinking, he was still tired, despite how much rest he had.

Before sailing off, Zachary asked the voice what was her name. The sea women only sang to him saying that he's not ready yet, but to wait until Raven's Cove appear, so they can finally see each other and be together. Zachary blushed for a brief amount of time until he snapped himself out of it. Zachary then remember what she said about Raven's Cove. Before he could ask his next question, fog came around him and his ship. When the fog disappeared, he was near the shores of Cuba.

Zachary knew that he wanted to go home, but not yet. But somehow, his ship must've used the same magic that the Harkaway has. His ship was becoming more cursed by each day. Zachary began to wonder if his so called "destiny" is the reason why he was given the Cursed Seafang Blade.

Legendary Fish Chronicles

Day 1: Speedy Lou

Zachary decide to take a break and go fishing with his guild. Since he mastered fishing, he decide to go after the Legendary Fishes. Each attempt he made has failed. Wondering if the Legends only come out at night, Zachary took one last stand in fishing. Just as he thought, a legendary fish has appeared; it was Speedy Lou. Giving in to all his might, Zachary fought hard for his legendary fish. But suddenly, Speedy Lou started pulling hard. The next thing Zachary knows is that he is skidding on the surface of the ocean with Speedy Lou pulling him.

Trying to stand on his feet on the water, Zachary was now skiing on the water surface, he didn't realized that Lou would be this fast. Speedy Lou soon turned around back to the guild fishing boat. Able to get back on, Zachary pulled hard and reeled in the fish. It took a struggle, but Zachary soon gave into his anger, giving his the strength needed to pull in Lou. It was a success, Speedy Lou has been captured. Zachary knew that he has the ability to comunicate with other sea creatures (check Story Chap. 2), but he didn't had to talk to Lou about anything. He knew Speedy Lou represented the freedom of the sea. A freedom that even Jack Sparrow always dreamed of having. Taking Speedy Lou's scale, Zachary released the beast back into the ocean where he belongs. As Zachary waved Speedy Lou goodbye, he could have sworn that he heard a voice saying "thanks for the race". Zachary knew it wasn't the fish, but the man inside that was eaten by the fish. Wondering how Lou survived all this time in the beasts stomach, that is something for Zachary should just leave alone. But now he has the scale, and he now only have four more Legendary Fishes to capture. Zachary decide to head to Tortuga to tell Jack Sparrow the story about Speedy Lou soon after that.

On his way to Tortuga, Zachary heard the Sea Women's singing to him again, this time congratulating him for his success. Zachary could only smile. In his head, he imagined about how it would be like to meet the Sea Women and know her name. But he knew that he needs to wait. As he came to Tortuga, Zachary went to the Faithful Bride and sat with Jack Sparrow, telling him the story with Speedy Lou.

Day 2: Glittering Girl

The next day, Zachary decide to capture another legenary fish. Heading out to sea, he went to Boiling Bay in hopes of catching the Fire Dragon. Zachary waited all day for the beast to come. He waited an hour for it until his hook caught something. For some strange reason though, Zachary could sense powerful voodoo on the fish on his hook.

Fighting hard just like he did with Speedy Lou and following the same tatics as before (except being pulled off the boat and end up ocean skiing on the water suface), Zachary NEARLY almost lost the fish, but he didn't gave in. Zachary was able to pull the fish out. It was non other than the Glittering Girl. She is the reason why Zachary sensed powerful voodoo magic on her. It's because when she went to Cuba to seek help from Tia Dalma to find a cure for the ill boy that Glittering Girl fell in love with, the voodoo magic that surround Cuba transformed her in a "were" fish. Taking a scale from her, Zachary let Glittering Girl go. As she left, she spoke to Zachary (knowing about his ability to speak with sea creature) and said that he reminded her of her lover back in Padres long time ago. She then turn around and hug Zachary with her fins, she then soon swim back into the sea.

When he got back to Cuba, Zachary talked with Tia Dalma why she transformed the Glittering Girl into a fish. Tia then answered him with the most shocking answer: She was Poseidon's chosen one of the Sea Guardian; the first Sea Guardian. Zachary give out a strange, but shocked look. He felt like an idiot. He soon realized thats probably why the Glittering Girl tends to save sailors lost at sea. He then thought what would happen if he was chosen by Tia as the second Sea Guardian. He only hopes that he doesn't have to turn into a fish.

Day 3: Mossy Moses

The next day, Zachary decide to head to Mariner's Reef. Something in the back of his mind told him to head there, following the same tatic as before: fish during the night. As he began fishing, it only took just ten second until something nab the hook, something VERY heavy. Zachary pulled hard as he could. He gave into his rage in hopes that he will get the strenght needed to pull up the fish. It wasn't enough though. Struggling hard, Zachary began seeing the back of the fish. It seems as if the fish was swimming near a kelp bed because its back is covered in seawead and moss. And obviously by the size, Zachary could tell that it was the gigantic Mossy Moses.

Zachary was able to succeed the giant, but he was worn out, he was ready to collapse right there. He decide to let go of the rod when he got Mossy Moses close to the boat. As he did, he quickly nab a scale from the mighty beast. As he got the scale, Mossy Moses smiled at Zachary. He couldn't help himself from laughing at the big guy's funny smile with the tooth out. Mossy soon spoked to Zachary, telling him that life in the sea is mainly about balance. That sometimes, when ever you need it, you should just lay down and take a good ol' nap. Zachary smiled, saying that Mossy is right. Waving Mossy Moses goodbye, Zachary put his scale in his pocket. Zachary soon returned to Cuba to do the advice Mossy Moses told him: to take a good ol' nap.

The Rise of the Sea Scourge

The day after catching Mossy Moses, Zachary was contacted by Jack Sparrow in Tortuga to come visit him. Doing what he asked, Zachary went to the Faithful Bride to speak with Jack Sparrow. Jack has a new mission for Zachary: To get one of El Patron's Cursed blades from Raven's Cove. Zachary didn't say anything. Nodding to the mission, Zachary left and got to Raven's Cove within a few minutes.

As soon as he got to Raven's Cove, Zachary see's all the chaos caused by Jolly Roger. His heart some how feels sad that so many innocent people died because Jolly Roger's lust for power. Then from the sea behind him, he heard the Sea Women again, but this time she was only five feet away from him. She was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. The Sea Women then spoke to Zachary, she said her name was Marina Quala, and that she was born from the waters around Raven's Cove. Zachary asked her why she saved his life and why he was still alive. Marina only replied that he should ask El Patron that. Zachary head shook. He thought El Patron's Spirit was trapped within his Lost Sword. Marina states that this is true, but she then says that some how, part of El Parton's soul didn't went into his sword and because of that, he is a ghost on the island. Zachary thought for a moment. He decided to look around to search for answers. Marina wished him luck, and that she will keep a close eye on him if anything happens. Before she dove back, she mention that one of the reason why Zachary was still alive is because of the Blue Medallion that LaMario gave him long time ago. Zachary sighed, he had completely forgot that Mario gave him that afterlife medallion, just incase if something happened to Zachary. Moving on, Zachary began his search for any survivors.

After minutes of searching, Zachary found Crazy Ned, the sole survivor of the attack. Though he was out of his mind, Zachary understand what he had to do: He needs to seek out the Ghost Citizens of Raven's Cove and help them with their needs. It was the only way for Zachary to get the key to El Patron's Mines.

Zachary first started with Senor Fantifico. After a breef talk, Zachary left to get the life restoring potion from his teacher, Tia Dalma, to bring Fantifico back to life. After getting the ingridients, Tia Dalma was able to make the potion, all what Zachary need to do now was to say the spell to bring back Franticio. Zachary memorized the spell, and soon return to Raven's Cove to help the fellow Spaniard. As Fantifico drank the potion, Zachary chant the spell. The spell work, the only problem is, is that it has turned Fantifico into a Chicken. Zachary's eyes opened. Knowing there was something wrong with the spell, he decide to keep things quiet, and leave Fantifico in his new form. But one he did know, is that wasn't the right ingridient.

Zachary sooned helped out the rest of the Ghost Citizens in the town. It took him all day to help them, but he was able to do it before night fall. Returning to Crazy Ned, Zachary was able to get the key to the mines. Taking the elevator shaft, Zachary took a long walk to mine. Before he enter the mines though, he noticed that there was a Ship-of-the-Line at the bottom of the cove. Zachary wondered if it belonged to El Patron. As he turned around, Zachary ran into the mysterious man in black. The same man he met when he first came back to life. Zachary took out his Seafang Blade, he was getting tired of the man's mysterious figure and ordered him to reveal himself. As the man took off his hood, Zachary knew his face from long time ago. The man soon said to Zachary that's not the way how you treat your father. Zachary dropped his sword. He was emotionally shocked. His father, the one who he was searching for, was standing in front of him. Zachary could barely stand up. Zachary asked him where he has been all this time, Minor simply replied saying that he never wanted his son to go as far as his father did. Zachary was shocked, he knew his father wasn't a pirate. Could he be talking about his search for the Legend Sword. Having so many questions to ask, Minor simply said that they will be answered as soon as Zachary finishes his job. Zachary knows that fighting with his father is futile, so he decide to do what he said. Picking up his sword, Zachary ran into the mines, detemined to finish what he started.

Zachary soon met Dr. Krudgle, who as another ghost in the mines. He and Zachary sooned teamed up to find the four totems to open the door to El Patron. The journey was long and rough and Zachary was ready to fall down. But he knew he mustn't. Jack Sparrow was relying on him, Tia Dalma was relying on him, Marina was relying on him, and his father was relying on him to get one of the Cursed Blades of El Patron. As soon as Zachary got the fourth totem for the door, Krudgle try to have his body guard kill him. Enraged about Krudgle's betrayal, Zachary took out both his Darkfire Cutlass and Cursed Seafang Blade and viciously attack the body guard. Krudgle beg for Zachary to spare him, but Zachary was real angry now, and by swinging both of his blades together, he fried Krudgle into oblivion, never to exist again. Zachary soon stepped through the door, ready to face El Patron for his weapons.

As Zachary got out of the mines, he saw that he was at the bottom of the cove from earlier. Sensing a powerful magic coming from the chest in the Ship-of-the-Line, Zachary board the ship with caution. As soon as he got closer to the chest, Zachary heard a ghostly laugh from behind. Turning around, he was face to face to who he never thought to see, El Patron.

El Patron laughed, asking Zachary if he was the one who died off the shores of the island not that long ago. Zachary glared at the ghostly figure. He then asked him how does he know about that.

El Parton spoke "Because I was the one who sent that worthless fish-of-a-mermaid Marina to save you. You see, boy, we're very much the same, you and I. "Yeah, well I don't think so", replied Zachary with a attitude, Marina then appeared on the deck of the ship. "Zachary! I'm so sorry! I wanted to tell you but..... but El Patron would have killed me if I did", Marina said. Zachary gave her a disappointed look, "So all this time, you were workin' for him! Why", Zachary asked. "Because she is my slave, idiota!" spat El Patron, "As for you, you useless mermaid, your time is done", El Patron said, hurling a blast of ghostly energy at the beautiful mermaid, knocking her back into the water. Zachary glared at El Patron, "You're going to pay for that", he said, taking out both his Darkfire Cutlass and Seafang Blade.

"Don't you understand, boy?! The reason why your still alive", El Patron said, Zachary sighed at him for a moment. "The reason why your still alive is because of that medallion your friend gave you. But you were only half dead, and because of that, you were only transformed half way", said the dreadful ghost. But Zachary's head began aching, his mind was becoming filled with images. "But when you were only half transformed, those deadmen at the bottom of the ocean transformed your dead half, so that you can be like one of them, similar to the pirate called James Sterling". Zachary screamed from the pain in his head. "Don't you get it? It's your destiny to become a dead man. A dead man who is responsible of destroying other dead men. In order to bring the sea to peace. You are meant to be the Sea Guardian, but a more evil version of it: the Sea Scourge", yelled El Patron. Zachary's memories were finally returned to him. He understands everything now, the reason why he's still alive, the reason why Marina saved him that day. The reason why he had that dream. It was all tied in to his destiny, the destiny of a doomed soul. "It doesn't matter now, El Patron', Zachary said calmly. "I'm not a dead man yet. I still don't feel the change inside. But, I am still strong enough to beat you", Zachary yelled, activating each of his two swords abilities. "We're going to enjoy this", El Patron said menacingly. He then summoned three Crew Ghosts to assist him.

Zachary ran torward the small group of ghosts, swords at the ready. He was completely given into his rage, which made his senses, mind, and body sharper and quicker to react. He soon was able to defeat the crew ghosts, leaving only him and El Patron. Even though he was wielding two swords, El Patron was still a formable foes against Zachary. "Marina please, lend me your power", Zachary thought, he soon felt a strength in his heart. A strength that was stronger than any weapon ever known: Love. Zachary fought harder and harder to El Patron. He fought until El Patron had finally dropped his sword tothe ground and fell. Zachary stood before him, his blade to the ghostly throat.

"Wait please Zachary, I BEG YOU", El Patron begged. Zachary raised his sword into the air and with one slash, brought it down next to El Patron's head, but not on it. "I'm not going to be the dead man that everyone else wants me to be", Zachary said, pulling back his sword and putting both of his swords back into there scabbarbs. El Patron laughed, "Good, good, this was exactly what I was expecting from you", Zachary looked at him with confusion. "You see, it has been a long time since I felt like there was still something worth living for, and I wanted to live again, but not by physical appearance, but as a part of another", El Patron said. "I don't understand", replied Zachary, El Patron chuckled. " You see Zachary, you are a pure blood Spaniard. Your father is from Coasta Rica, while your mother is from Puerto Rico: two spanish territories. And I wanted to be part of you because you have a pure heart. And with me as a part of you, I can help you face and complete your true destiny when it comes", El Patron raised his hand to Zachary, "How 'bout it lad, I promise you, I won't try to control your body. I don't have the power to do that. But I do have the power to share you my strength". Zachary was silence for a moment. Knowing that he has lots to learn about him self, he took El Patron's ghostly hand, and with that, the essence of El Patron disappeared into Zachary's body.

Zachary soon faced El Patron's Skull Loot Chest. Opening it, he saw three swords he have never seen before. Seem to have an interest in the Nautilus Blade, Zachary grabbed out for it. As soon as he took it out of the chest, Zachary could feel some kind of powerful evil being bestowed upon him. His mission complete, Zachary begins his return to Tortuga. But then he heard a moaning sound. As he turned, Zachary could see Marina on the dry rock, injured. Zachary came to her. As she look up to him, she apologizes about not telling him the truth. And that her feelings for him are real. Zachary couldn't help but let a tear fell from his eye. It has been a long time since Zachary last cried. Mainly it's because he filled him self with mostly rage. But now he feels at peace with himself for the time being. Picking up Marina's human-fish like body, Zachary gently placed her into the water. He soon told her that she's forgiven. Marina cried with tears of joy. Zachary soon left to see his father before he leaves Raven's Cove.

Searching every where, Zachary couldn't find Minor anywhere. Zachary was starting to get worried. Something could have happen to his father while he was gone. But if Minor was able to survive on Raven's Cove this long without Zachary knowing, then he should be alright. Zachary sooned left Raven's Cove, heading back to Cuba to tell Tia Dalma about his adventure. But one thing Zachary knew for certain, he cannot be a dead man yet. Not until he collects the last of Tia Dalma's Menagerie to become a fully mastered Voodoo Master.

Story Chapter 4 - Reign of the Undead

Zachary was struggling. He was riding on Fogbell, a legendary fish. They were now both away from the fishing boat. Fogbell was angry and hungry and he has Zachary on his menu. Zachary struggled to keep his balance on the mighty fish. If he falls, Fogbell could take out a hand, or worst. Zachary was stuck in the middle of the ocean with an ancient fish trying to kill him. All hope seems lost until Zachary saw a ship ahead. He knew what Fogbell was planning, he is going to try to ram Zachary against the hull of the ship ahead. But luckily, Zachary has been training with his new strength he has been given with when he became one with El Patron.

As soon a Fogbell hit the boat, Zachary jumped into the deck of the ship. He was pulling hard now, his rage unleashed. He can feel the line getting lighter, Fogbell was running out of energy. Zachary soon was able to pull Fogbell out of the water and onto the ship. Zachary asked Fogbell why he was trying to eat him. Fogbell replied saying that Zachary was hurting him. Zachary sighed. Fogbell soon told Zachary that he has a message from Marina. Zachary listened intently. Fogbell said that Jolly Roger is preparing a plot. A plot so evil, that it is pratically the end of the Caribbean as we've know it. Zachary stared at the beast for a moment, he soon took a scale from Fogbell. As he let Fogbell go and waveed him goodbye, Fogbell said that he will get Zachary next time.

Zachary sooned turned around to see who's ship h was on. He then went to the crew, but they all drew their swords at Zachary. He looked up to see what the flag of the ship looked like. When he saw the image of a man standing on two skull, Zachary knew who's ship he was on, Gentleman Jocard's Ship. Zachary gulped, he knew the reputation of Gentleman Jocard, a reputation which made Zachary decide to become a pirate. One of Jocard's crewmen sooned call their captian. As Gentleman Jocard came, one of his pirates asked if they should cut out the boy's tongue. Zachary gulped, he stared at Jocard, wating for his dicision. Gentleman Jocard soon came upon Zachary. Jocard then asked him if he were Zachary Rojas. Zachary Nodded. Jocard sooned ordered his men to stand down and return to their posts. Zachary gave out tired relief. Jocard sooned order him to meet him in his Quarters.

As Zachary entered Gentlemen Jocard's Quarters, he was welcomed by two young women who were laying in a pile of pillows near by. Zachary couldn't help himself but smile. This wasn't his first encounter with young women who would flirt with him. No, there were others, includng Marina. He could only reply by saying hello to them as they began comforting him. He then heard El Patron's voice in his head, "Boy, you are very foolish, what happen to the old days where you have to be at least eighteen years to get accuanteced with women. Don't forget who you are, who WE are." Zachary shooked his head. Gentleman Jocard soon came into the room. The two women sooned returned to their pillows. Jocard spoke with Zachary about the recent events happening around the sea. Zachary wanted to tell Jocard about what he has become, but El Patron soon told him that it was a bad idea. Zachary sooned explained to Jocard that it was an honor for him to meet the Pirate Lord of the Atlantic. Stating that he was Zachary's inspiration on becoming a pirate. Jocard grin, stating it's nice to have someone understands the true meaning of piracy. Gentleman Jocard soon spoked of Jolly Roger, saying that Jolly Roger is planning a war and we all need to be ready to succeed. Zachary knew that this is what he was training for, but he knows he's not ready yet.

Zachary then asked Gentleman Jocard if he can take him to Padres Del Fuego where he can probably find out more of the rumors and plans from Jolly Roger. Jocard agreed, but he then told Zachary since he gotten very far away when he was riding Fogbell, it's going to take about a few days to return to the Caribbean. Zachary handn't realize that Fogbell took him that far away from the fishing boat. Zachary decide to be part of Jocard's crew until they reached Padres. Gentlemen Jocard then had one his enterainers escort Zachary to his own private quarters. The women sooned got up and took Zachary to a cabin in the lower decks.

When Zachary and the women got to the cabin, Zachary saw that the cabin was filled with jewels, gold, and many other artifacts that were plundered by Jocard and his men. And in the other side of the cabin was a bed. It wasn't much, but like Zachary always says, "Better something than nothing." When Zachary took off his coat, he gave the Women five gold peices for her troubles. The women didn't accepted the money. She came close to Zachary, stating that he is a fine man. As she got closer, Zachary walked back as far as he could, he can't risk losing Jocard's trust and end up getting his tongue cut off. But the women sooned cornered him against the wall. She was a nose length away from Zachary, but before she could get a move on, a bell ringed on the top deck. The women looked displeased. She expained to Zachary that she has to go, but she will come back sometimes to continue where she'd left off. After that, she left, blowing Zachary a kiss.

Zachary sat down against the wall, relieved. El Patron soon appear next to him. "My, my, what are we going to do with you boy. Your lucky that bell ranged at the perfect time." Zachary stared at Patron, "Well at least nothing happened, but that was real close though." "And next time, it going to be far more closer than you think." Patron replied. Zachary sooned grabbed his Voodoo Staff and closed his eyes. As soon as he fell to sleep, he could see himself on the deck of a Skeleton ship. But it wasn't any ordinary Skeleton ship. It was the Harkaway. Zachary sooned heard swords clashing against each other. As he turned around, he could see Jolly Roger and Jack Sparrow fighting each other. Zachary was cheering Jack on until it happened. Jolly Roger stabbed Sparrow through the chest. Zachary cried out.

Zachary sooned woke up from the nightmare, his heart beating and his head sweating. He was on his bed. He could felt something else next to him, holding him. As he looked, Zachary was shocked to see the same young women from hours ago sleeping next to him, her arms around his torso. Zachary was too tired to do anything, he just went back to sleep. But as he did, he wondered if that nightmare was really a vision.

Zachary hadn't left his cabin the next day. He was becoming concerned about himself. He wouldn't let anyone in. He wouldn't even speak to El Patron about his problem. Zachary was developing a confidence problem, he was no longer having confidence in himself. Many things had happened to him, and he is beginning to think what's the point in all this. Why does he do all these things when he feels like nothing in his heart. His life was becoming filled with more anger, sadness, and loneliness. He sees no point to his life. He soon begins practicing his sword strikes back-handed, trying to get his mind off of things. But he seems feel worst than before. He needs to think for a while, try finding something worth that is worth it, to regain his confidence and stop thinking of wrongful about his self.

After spending days on Jocard's ship, Zachary has been feeling better. He and Gentleman Jocard have became good allies. The ship was in the Caribbean now, but there seems to be something wrong. Zachary could smell something in the atmosphere of the sea, a really distastefully familiar smell. He soon realized that Jolly Rogers Muertos Curse has returned.

As Gentleman Jocard's ship came to Padres, Zachary took a row boat to shore. Thanking Jocard for his hospitality, he bids him farewell. As Zachary got on shore, he saw a living nightmare: Los Padres was destroyed, obviously from an invasion. And to make things worst, everyone was an undead, fighting each other. Jolly Roger has become stronger, he had now dominated Padres and it's inhabitants. Zachary realized that it was all his fault, if only he were there to help everyone, things could have been different. Zachary decide to head to Raven's Cove, in search of more Cursed Blades he could use to fight Roger.

Getting a crew, Zachary sailed to Raven's Cove on his ship, Sea Guardian. He also notices that there was more skeleton ships patroling the sea, seems like Jolly Roger is now starting to begin his quest for domination. It will be only a matter of time before he takes Port Royal and Tortuga, first attacking them with invasion, then casting the Muertos Moon Curse down upon everyone.

As soon as he got to Raven's Cove, Zachary headed for the mines. Fighting more than a hundred ghosts, Zachary was able to get his hands on three Cursed Blades, two of which are Rare Blades but has higher attack power than the Nautilus Blade. That was all he could find for now, but like he always say, it's better something than nothing. One of the three rare Cursed Blades got Zachary's attention however, it was the Barnacle Breaker Blade. It had the Cursed Thunder Ability and Voodoo Damage. Zachary likes the sound of Thunder combined with Voodoo Damage. He decides to use it as his main weapon, only useing the Nautilus Blade as a last resort weapon. Buit seems like the Barnacle Breaker is gonna have to wait because the Muertos Moon Curse was coming and Zachary knew what he needed to do: help the other pirates from the curse. But there was something that Zachary was concerned about: What will happen to him if he is cursed by the Muertos Moon while he is already cursed from the Curse Blades and has El Patron's Spirit inside of him? He decides to see what the result woud be, maybe it would help him get stronger. After all, Zachary is a dead man.

It has been a month now ever since his return to the caribbean, and Zachary is now stronger than ever. He decide to help rebuild Padres Town after it's destruction from Jolly Roger and his Curse of the Muertos Moon. But it will be only a matter of time before Jolly Roger returns to burn down the town again. And this time it will not only be Padres that will be destroyed.

Zachary eventually became largely notorious pirate just like Jack Sparrow. His many adventures, quests, and deeds had made him stronger and more famous than before. It feels like yesterday when he first got thrown into the Rambleshack Jail and freed by Jack. But the thing that most facinates Zachary is that it was all done in only just one year.

Zachary saw that the holidays were coming, so he decide to host a feast to all his friends at Cuba. Using Kalmah to travel across the ocean, Zachary sent out invitations to his closest alies and friends. He even invited Jack Sparrow, Gentleman Jocard, and Tia Dalma to the feast. Zachary decide to rent out La Bodeguita for the night.

Later on that night, Zachary dinner was a sucess. He sooned step outside to get some fresh air, Voodoo Rum in hand. He knew he was still too young to drink rum, but it was Voodoo Rum, and he likes the flavor of it. Zachary stared into the sky, thinking about his father, who he last saw back in Raven's Cove. He wish his father could be at the feast, but Minor wasn't much of a holiday person anyways. Zachary soon heard a voice behind him. As he turned around, it took him a bit to remember the new comer's name. He sooned remember the stranger, Ezekiel Rott!

Zachary took his Nautilus Blade, ready to fight Rott. But the evil Captain only told him not to worry. Zachary, stilled armed, ask why he was here. Rott only replied saying that a new cave system has been discovered beneath Raven's Cove: The Cave of Lost Souls. Zachary's head screeched for a moment, it came from El Patron who remember's the cave. El Patron Explained that it was where his fellow Conquistador, Foulberto Smasho, died. He then told Zachary that they must get to Raven's Cove as soon as possible. Zachary nodded, and as he looked up, Ezekiel Rott was gone. He then put his sword away and went back inside to continue the feast he started.

The next day, Zachary teleported himself to Raven's Cove. His powers were now getting stronger. He then asked El Patron where is the cave. El Patron said the the cave entrance is in the cove where the two firebats are at. Zachary then dranked a Phantom Spirits potion to turn himself invisible to the Rage Ghosts so he can get to the cave easily.

As Zachary got to the cave, at first he thought the cave was just a cellar for storage, but then he noticed and opening in the wall. He hit himself in the head for being that gullable. He traveled down the right tunnel. Though long, he got to the end, only to be disappointed to find a colony of firebats. He then head back, and as he got to the opening he saw another opening that was just across. He frowned, and hit himself in the head again.

Zachary traveled down the second tunnel, and as he got to the end of it, he saw that other pirates were there as well, all fighting a white colored ghost, similar to El Patron. The spirit of El Patron then explained maybe if Zachary can get Foulberto's trust, they can form an alliance and make a army of ghosts to go against the Undead Army. Zachary could sense that Foulberto was a strong advesarie, and this was going to be tough, he then drew out his all powerful Nautilus Blade and charged in to join the group of pirates to fight Foulberto Smasho.

The battle was long and harsh, and many pirates lost their lives to defeat Foulberto. But Zachary and the remaining group of pirates were able to defeat Foulberto, got their treasures, and left. Everyone left except for Zachary, who knew Foulberto was not dead for he was just a ghost. He soon reappeared again, asking what does Zachary and El Patron want. Zachary explained to him that he needs an ally to form an army with to fight Jolly Roger's Undead Army.

At first, Foulberto made a comment that he will not help the being who imprisoned him in the Cave of Lost Souls, so Zachary simply began to walk away, knowing that he will never get through Foulberto. But then Foulberto told him to wait, and made a proposal that if El Patron free him from his prison, he will gather his ghost crew to help Zachary in the war. El Patron told Zachary not to trust him, but Zachary knew he needs Foulberto's help. So using his Voodoo powers, he freed Foulberto after a hundred years of imprisonment.

Foulberto could feel that his chains have been broken. At first he gave out a evil laugh, which got Zachary concerned, but then he thank him. Foulberto then summoned his ghost crew. As Zachary saw the crw appeared out of thin air, there was about fifty of them. Foulberto then asked what were his orders, calling him Captain. Zachary then gave out a smile.

As Zachary left the cave, he could sense a disturbance in the Caribbean, and it felt very bad. Zachary eyes then widened, he soon decide to teleport to Padres to see whats going on. As soon as Zachary got to Padres, he saw that the town was completely destroyed, now burning in fire and most of the towns-folk dead. Zachary could sense was not the only victim though, so he decide to teleport to Port Royal. Unfortunately, Port Royal was also destroyed, including the Governor's Mansion. Most of the towns-folk were also killed, but luckily, Zachary could sense that William Turner and Elizabeth Swann's life force were still intact. But the things that happened here and Padres are very similar to that of the aftermath of the Raven's Cove War. And Zachary knew who was the cause of all this: Jolly Roger.

Zachary's rage was now pass the capacity, he now hated Jolly Roger. Hated him to the very depths of Davy Jone's Locker. While Zachary was fighting Foulberto, Jolly Roger took that as an advantage to do a full scale invasion on both Port Royal and Padres, and now only one place remains intact; the home of all pirate, Tortuga. Zachary knew that Tortuga was intact, but didn't know for how long. So he decides to head to Tortuga to warn Jack Sparrow about Jolly Roger's attacks.

Entering Tortuga, Zachary was heading for Faithful Bride, the only place where he will meet Sparrow. Zachary, along the way up town, saw that the towns-folk and Pirates were setting hundreds of blockades on the path to the Faithful Bride. He knew the Pirates were obviously getting prepared for the possible attack from Jolly Roger, to prevent suffering the same fate as Padres and Port Royal. Pirates were also warning Zachary that he should be heading inside for he wouldn't want Jolly Roger to kill a boy like him. Zachary gave out a nasty look to the pirates, he didn't like being called "boy". He was practically just as notorious as Jack Sparrow, yet they show no respect to Zachary.

Zachary was at the Faithful Bride. As he prepate to tell Jack Sparrow about what happened, Jack merely states that he already knows. And that he was able to form and army of pirates to fight off Jolly Roger's Undead. Zachary then explained to him that he was able to form a ghost army of both El Patron and Foulberto Smasho's crew. "Oh so you now becoming like Jolly Roger, savvy?" Jack asked Zachary. Zachary was speechless, and Jack merely smiled. Sometime Zachary hate it when Jack plays with his mind.

Zachary then asked why is everyone getting ready for an invasion, even though it's not a bad idea, but still. Jack explained that the Marceline Guild came by the island to warn pirates that Jolly Roger is going to send in a full out assault on Tortuga, and that it may be the largest invasion from Jolly. Zachary knew it. After the destruction of Padres Del Fuego and Port Royal, Jolly Roger just needs to destroy Tortuga and Jack Sparrow to finally defeat the Pirates of the Caribbean and begin his Reign of the Undead. This was something that Zachary could not allow, so he soon left for Cuba, where he will get some rest and prepare himself for the war.

As soon as he got to Cuba, Zachary went to his mentor, Tia Dalma, to figure out when will Jolly perform his assault. Tia told him that the invasion will be in two days, which was not that far. Tia Dalma then states that he has became very powerful and that he is now ready to face Jolly Roger and destroy him. Zachary nodded his head in acknowledge. He then return to his house to prepare and armed himself for the ultimate confrontation. Zachary then heard a beautiful melody coming from the sea, and he knew who it was: Marina.

Zachary asked Marina what did she want, he did forgive her for being part of of El Patron's plan to become one with him, but he no longered trust her because of her part. Marina expained that she dosen't want Zachary to go fight in the invasion. But Zachary merely scowled at her and state that he will fight and kill Jolly Roger. Marina could see that Zachary's heart was now full of anger and hatred torwards Jolly Roger, and nothing is going to stop him now, not even her concern for his fate. Marina then left in tears. Zachary gave a look at the ground, he wonders what has happened to him, what did he become? He then moves on to his house to arm himself. As soon as he got his Nautilus Blade, Sacred Pistol, Revenant Doll, and Burnt Staff, he returned to Tortuga to form plans and strategies to fight off the undead. Now all he needs is a good rest for it may be his last. As he close his eyes, Zachary could see a vision of the horizon, and within it, was an armada of Skeleton Ships heading torwards the island, and at the lead, was the Harkaway with Jolly Roger leading it. The War is close to the horizon.

Two days later, all seems calm. Zachary was starting to get concerned that Jolly Roger was not going to invade Tortuga. But no sooner the sky all of a sudden turned green and a powerful shockwave of dark voodoo struct Zachary's mind. This power was far more stronger than anything he has felt; Jolly Roger was close. Zachary then began thinking about Marina's plead for him not to fight, but he didn't trust her. One thing he had learned is to never trust a mermaid. The sound of thunder eventually snapped him out and he was back in reality again. Jolly Roger has came.

Taking out his Nautilus Blade, Zachary charged it with eletrical energy. Seeing movement in the water and the pirates of Tortuga, along with his guild, and his best friend Jeremy all charging to the rising undead, Zachary ran by Jerermy's side. As he ran, Zachary began seeing his past during the time he and Jeremy fought along side with each other. They were close friends; praticully brothers, and they will fight in the heat of battle as they did before.

Zachary charged, grabbing a undead skeleton by the neck and ramming him into other skeletons. He then viciously attack all skeletons coming near him. As a skeleton prepared to attack him from behind, Jeremy came in and took out the skeleton. Zachary gave his friend a grin and nodded to him. He then continued his battle with the undead.

The number of undead was increasing, more than Zachary could handle. Having no choice, he draws out his Deepwater Blade to dual blade his enemies, slicing them into twos, threes and so on. Jeremy on the other hand has no problem with fighting with one sword, he somehow develops a mysterious ability to use his voodoo to increase his body's strength and stamina to last for hours. So far, pirates were winning, thanks to their lost weapons and Cursed Blades.

The invasion was long and harsh, but finally Jolly Roger decides to come up to end the battle. Zachary and Jeremy were in the front lines ready to fight. Before any of the other pirates were able to go face Jolly, Zachary ran torwards him with complete rage, knowing all of the evils that Jolly has done, and not to mention his murder on Zachary that started this all. With the Nautilus Blade, he lunged at the Undead Nightmare. Jolly Roger seemed to have gotten stronger for every strike attempted by Zachary, he simply blocked it with just his palm.

Jolly Roger then called out more of his undead army to attack. Zachary knew that the pirates will be needing more help. So he called upon Foulberto to send out his ghost. And no sooner did they came to assist the living.

Zachary was still locked in combat with Jolly Roger, but he was no where to winning. He was on the ground with Jolly Roger prepared to strike Zachary with his Ghost Sword. Then out of nowhere, Jeremy came up and hit Jolly in the skull with his sword's handleguard. Zachary quickly got up to slice Jolly on his goat leg. Now it was two against one, now evenly matched. Jolly Roger only gave out a laugh, stating that it should be Jeremy that should be the deadman, not Zachary. The two friends merely glanced at each other before looking back at Jolly.

Zachary and Jeremy both attack Jolly Roger, performing strainious combos of their different combat styles together. Jolly Roger was now losing the fight. He then used a Death Storm to knock the two pirates back. He was now weak and vulnable, giving an oppurtunity for Zachary to finish things off once and for all, but before he could, Jolly Roger unleashed a powerful blast of dark voodoo, creating a portal under him. Jolly Roger began being sucked down the portal, obviously escaping, the battle was won, but Zachary wasn't going to let Jolly Roger leave that easily. But all of a sudden, Jeremy dived into the portal with Jolly Roger in an attemp to stop him. Zachary instead grab Jeremy's leg for neither of them know where the portal may lead too. Jerermy tells Zachary to let go, but Zachary refused, stating that he's not losing his brother. But Jeremy merely states that he will be alright, giving off a smile. Jeremy's leg end up slipping out of Zachary's hand and Jeremy fell into the black abyss within the portal. Zachary watched as the portal closed. Deep in rage and sadness, Zachary ran torwards the Misty Mire to get General Hex to tell him of Jeremy's location.

Story Chapter 5: Retribution and Redemption

Zachary was on his ship, trying to track down the Queen Anne's Revenge. General Hex, being forced by Zachary to use his voodoo magic, says the Zachary can find Jeremy on that ship.

Marina then called upon Zachary in a last attempt to beg him to stop his pursuit, but once again he scolds her off, but before she left, she tossed Zachary a new weapon; Sword of Triton and says to him that it's the best weapon to use against the jumbee crew. Even though Zachary no longer trusts Marina, he felt as though he was being arrogant, so he takes the sword as an act of last trust. As she left, Zachary finally spots the Revenge on the horizon, the very ship captained by the pirate that all pirates feared: Blackbeard.

Zachary ordered his crew to attack, he was certain to find Jeremy no matter the cost. The crew fired the Sea Guardian's cannons and Zachary use a cannon to pull a rope and launch himself into the air. He lands on the deck of the Revenge and starts attacking the crew with the Sword of Triton. The sword's powers seems to work as Zachary slashes at the undead crewmen. The efforts of the Revenge's crew proved to be futile against the enraged Zachary. He was winning, but like any enraged fighter, he was blind to what the crew planned out. More zombies came from the top of the masts and rained down on Zachary. It was a trap. One of the zombies land on Zachary, knocking him down, soon many more came to keep him pinned down. Zachary's crew watched from the Sea Guardian as their captain was being captured, being forced to stand down.

As Zachary struggled to get free from the zombies, one takes the Sword of Triton from his hand and runs off to the second deck of the Queen Anne's Revenge. There Zachary saw the Zombie give the sword to a beardy man dress in black. The man looked at the sword, pleased. He then came down to the main deck and approaches the restrained young man. Blackbeard thanked Zachary for the sword, Zachary spits on his boot in disgust. He then demand where was Jeremy. Blackbeard reveals that he does not know who Jeremy is. Zachary sensing the cold honesty in Blackbeard's voice realizes that he was duped by General Hex. He then asks for a parley, to which Blackbeard chuckled. Blackbeard summarizes how Zachary attacks his ship and crew, and expects a parley, he then turns to the Sea Guardian with it's crew on board, pointed Triton's Sword at them and then, out of the sudden, the ship came to life and tangled up the crew as Zachary watches in horror at what he has done. Blackbeard then ordered his crew to destroy the Sea Guardian, sending her down to the depths. Zachary could only watch now, thinking that he should have listened to Marina and stop his pursuit. Black beard then turned back to Zachary and pointed his sword at his neck, warning him that he'll let Zachary live so he can remember the consequences of his actions. Then zombie crew then tossed Zachary overboard and began sailing away leaving him in the sea.

Zachary swam, his body was tired, but he swam till he hit land. Hours later, he has finally made it to a island with a lighthouse. Looking at his surroundings, his eyes widen as he realizes where he was: Whitecap Bay. Zachary sat on the beach relfecting over his entire career as a pirate. He gave out a loud roar of rage, hate, and sadness. He has lost everything; his lover, his best friend, his ship and crew. He then through all his weapons to the ground in resignition of defeat. Then from within him, he heard El Patron's voice. El Patron says to Zachary that the fight is not over yet, if only he just lets El Patron take partial control of Zachary, they would've won. Zachary yells at him saying that maybe if he had refused to let El Patron bond with him, everything bad that happened to Zachary so far wouldn't have happened, saying that he would had still be with Marina, wouldn't lost Jeremy, and his crew would still be alive. El Patron retaliate by saying Zachary doesn't need friends, for he is now the Sea Scourge, the perfect villian, to most dangerous pirate to ever live. El Patron then states that it is time for Zachary to embrace his destiny, which only made Zachary more angry. Zachary decides that enough is enough and picks up his Nautilis Blade and point it at El Patron's spirit. El Patron laughed, saying he can't be killed for he was bonded to Zachary. Zachary looked away to the horizon for a moment, he notices that Marina was in the water, watching him. He smilled at her, and turns back toward El Patron and finally says "My suffering....... Ends now". Zachary then charges his sword with eletricity and swings it around, and El Patron watches in horror as Zachary stabs himself. A burst of dark magic escapes Zachary, knowing that the only way to get rid of El Patron when bonded is to kill the host with a cursed blade, El Patron begins to fade away, cursing Zachary for being a weak coward. At long last, the ghost has disappeared to oblivion, Zachary now freed from the dark curse of doom.

As Zachary fell to the ground with his sword in his stomach, Marina swam quickly onto land, her tail changing into legs and runs towards him. Zachary tells her that he is sorry with his dying breath and that he will always love her. Marina starts crying, asking Zachary to hang on a bit longer for she knows how to heal him. Zachary smiled, saying that it's over now, and closed his eyes. Marina then pulls out the Nautilis Blade from the now dead Zachary's body. She looks at him for a moment, then picks him up and put his arm over her shoulder. Determined to save Zachary, she knows the one place where she can, and it lies within the jungles of the island they are in now.

Hours after trecking through the jungle with Zachary over her shoulder, Marina finally reaches her destination: the legendary Fountain of Youth. She lays his body next to the fountain and begins setting up a ritual."I must do what it takes to redeem your soul. You will forget me, but when the time is right, our love will bring us together again", she saids. Marina starts saying an ancient chant and then a red engergy of rage and hate comes out of Zachary's body and goes into a bottle she brought. "With your anger stripped away, I can replace the gap it left with life", she then pours water from the fountain, mixed with a tear from her, into Zachary mouth. She then takes a stingray tail-knife and cuts her hand. She drip her blood over Zachary's wound. At light came from Zachary's body and his wound heals. The light also caused Marina's hair to change from dirty blonde to brunette-brown, a sign indicating the piece of her soul she gave to Zachary through her blood has worked. She watched for a moment, then Zachary gave out a gasp for air as he has now came back to life. Marina smiled and cried as she and Zachary locked eyes. Zachary then asked who she was, sighed, seeing that the last of the ritual's effects had worn in. Zachary does not remember who she, therefore he has forgotten everything that has happened. Marina decided to sing her melody to Zachary to comfort him as he fell unconcious again. As he fell asleep, Zachary for a brief moment remembers the melody and faintly says Marina's name.

Epilogue: End of the Beginning

Marina carried the unconcious Zachary back to the shore of Whitecap Bay. There she sorted out his weapons and items, taking all except the Nautilus Blade, Sacred Pistol, Hex Guardian Doll, Guardian Staff, and Lucky Charm, and putting them in the light house. As she came back down and out of the abandoned structure, she spots Tia Dalma standing over Zachary. Marina bowed to Tia Dalma, knowing that she is really Calypso in human form. Tia Dalma tells Marina that she will be taking Zachary to Isla Del Oceano for she has chosen Zachary to become the new Sea Guardian. Marina nodded in silent, then put a vile of glowing water in Zachary's hand and backed away. Tia Dalma then had her followers pick up Zachary and his weapons and take him back to the ship. Tia Dalma and Marina exchange stares, Marina telling the Voodoo Queen to take care of Zachary. Tia Dalma nodded and leaves. Marina watches as the ship Zachary was taken to sinks into the horizon, letting go tears of joy. She will miss Zachary, but know when the time is right, he will search for her in his true home island. Not Cuba, but the enchanted island of Puerto Rico, where then they will be together once and for all.

The Story Continues.... In Zachary's adventures as The Sea Guardian


-"Please Captain Rojas, be an honorable pirate like you father and show some mercy"- "Sorry mate..... all out of MERCY!" - the Soldier to Zachary and his reply before brutally killing him.

-"If I'm suppose to be a dead man....... then I will make other dead men fear me as I protect the sea!"- Zachary accepting his fate and giving his bow on his mission.

-"Uh oh, you deffinitly don't want to be near him when he's mad"- Jeremy commenting on Zachary's actions.

-" I did so much....... and it has to end like this......... it can't........"- Zachary's last thoughts before dying.

-"From death there is life, from good, there is evil, from land, there is sea, but for man, I will be with you in you new life, Zachary........."- The mysterious Beautiful voice Zachary heard upon his death.

- " Wooooaaaaa, hey, I just invented water skiing, GYYAAAAAA!" - Zachary when he was being pulled by Speedy Lou.


Jeremy Lancaster - First mate, best friend.

Janis - Jeremy's younger sister.

The Ocean Gods Guild

LaMario - Thats right Super Mario himself.

Makuta - Hard to beat in Pvp.

Skkyy - A member of the Ocean Gods 2 Guild.

Rachel Darkskull - First friend to meet since I started.

Meg O'Morgan - Cool girl, fun to talk with.

Slyfox - Another member of the Ocean Gods 2 Guild.

BadFlint - Once a fellow member of the Ocean Gods, but ending up getting kicked out for an unknown reason. Only the Officers of the guild know the reason why.

Sin Badd - Yup, the Legend of the Seven Seas has returned. It's been a while since I last seen him.

Keke - She's a friend who I like getting along with. She's shows the true deffinition of a pirate cause she got in trouble more than once.

Matanui - My old friend that appeared when the new weapons came out.

Curycoo - Hope ya know who she is.

Wanderer - A fellow guild mate who is like a sister to me.

Poulad - One of my best friends, I sometimes call him the Prince of Persia, cause he's Persian.

Giratina Origin Forme - Yes that is right, he named him self after the Pokemon, Giratina. He's a good friend and was part of the Co. Empire, now he's in Dragon something, I can't remember the rest of his guild's name, but it had Dragon starting it.

Sam - A girl who I met long ago, but for some odd reason, I can't seem to remember.

Grace - A new friend I became well along with. Her Former Guild Master was a jerk and wouldn't leave us alone. She soon left his guild to join Ocean Gods.

Hector Dreadston - A former Co. Empire Guild Member. He's really cool despite coming from a guild I used to hate.

Tinker - A new player to the game who already has Unlimited Access. I think she's suppose to be based from Tinker Bell. She looks like her too: Green Clothes, and Blonde hair put into a Bun. She seems to be really cool and fun to chill with, dispite the fact that I'm not much of a Tinker Bell fan or whatever you call it.

Matthew Redmonk - A rookie I met in Tortuga, he asked me for help to solve some problems he had wth a girl. It was tricky for me, but he was grateful that I helped him and her became friends again.

Zeke - Another member of the Ocean Gods that I became friends with, he a really cool dude, and he help me mastered my pirate.

More friends will be added soon.

Weapons in Possesion

Voodoo Hunter Broadsword - Common

Bejeweled Broadsword - Famed

Darkfire Cutlass- Rare

Duelist Sabre - Rare

Pirate's Blunderbuss - Rare

Hex Hunter Musket - Rare

War Dagger- Common

Hex Guardian Doll - Famed

Tribal Cheif Staff - Common

Orangutan Pistol - Famed

Revenant Doll - Famed

Orangutan Pistol - Famed

Privateer's Cutlass - Rare

Swordmaster's Sabre - Famed

Masterwork Cutlass - Famed

Sacred Pistol - Famed

Occult Doll - Famed

Knives of the Golden Idol - Famed

Masterwork Sabre - Famed

Cursed Seafang Blade - Rare

Nautilus Blade - Famed

Barnacle Breaker - Rare

Deepwater Blade - Rare - Strongest

Grim Hound Blade - Rare

Buccaneer's Dagger - Rare

Weapon's Levels

Sword - Level 30 Mastered

Shooting - Level 30 Mastered

Dagger - Level 30 Mastered

Grenade - Level 16

Cannon - Level 22

Sailing - Level 22

Voodoo Doll - Level 30 Mastered

Voodoo Staff - Level 30 Mastered

Potions - Level 20 Mastered

Fishing - Level 20 Mastered

PvP Infamy - Level 2

SvS Infamy - Level 2


Sea Runner - Light Sloop, fastest ship

Sea Explorer - Galleon, toughest ship

Sea Guardian - War Frigate, Flagship


  • Meeting Bo Beck
  • Me witnessing Bo Beck's Murder
  • Me coming face to face with Jolly Roger
  • Me meeting the Mysic of Cuba, Tia Dalma
  • Me meeting Elizabeth Swann
  • Facing Barbossa and Jack the Monkey
  • Jack Sparrow telling me what I have to do
  • Me in Front of my house in Cuba
  • My encounter with Constance Sorrow in my early day
  • Me aboard the Black Pearl as we steal it
  • Escaping with the Black Pearl
  • Me looking upon the mysterious Raven's Cove
  • Tia Dalma teaching me a new Voodoo Spell
  • Me battling El Patron himself
  • Me becoming cursed by the Nautilus Blade
  • Me waving goodbye to Speedy Lou
  • Me waving goodbye to Glittering Girl
  • Me waving goodbye to Mossy Moses
  • Me waving goodbye to Fogbell
  • Me preparing to challenge Foulberto Smasho
  • Me celebrating the Holidays at my house


  • The name Kalmah came from the name of a Bionicle from 2007 which the theme took place under the sea and the villian with the name also looks similar to a squid.
  • The name Kalmah was base from the word calamar, which is spanish for squid.
  • The Kraken that was mentioned in Zachary's story and how Zachary would train it to become stronger by using the souls it has devoured was base from how the player can make their Kraken become stronger by using the souls they have collected through out the game of Pirates of the Caribbean Call of the Kraken.
  • Zachary is the first and only pirate of Sea Guardian.