Z.E.K. - 6565 was a brainwashed kid named Zel Krag, Zeke brainwashed him.

Why Did Zeke Do This?

The answer is quite simple really, Zeke was providing a fresh start for kids with horrible pasts.


Gender : Male

Species : Human

Father : Dastan Krag ( killed at Grassy Isle when Jolly invaded )

Mother : Arina Krag ( killed same as father )

Birthplace : Grassy Isle

Age : 11

Current Home : OTC ( Orphan Training Center )


Zel Krag was born on Grassy Isle. When he was 3 it was invaded by Jolly Roger. His mother and father were killed during the invasion. He lived there with a group of orphans for 8 years with the other orphans until Zeke came and to them to the OTC. He was brainwashed, as well as the others and given a designation, Z.E.K, - 6565. Later, he will be named by Zeke.

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