On this day, January 21, 1745, the British Fleet, in a joint operation with the O U T L A W S and The Complex guilds, took victory yet again over the Spaniards, due to the fact that Spain sent crashers on board British ships to dock them. The battle, ranging from about 3:53 PM, EST, to 5:12 PM, EST, was fought between the ships Outlaw King of the guild O U T L A W S, the Lightning Raider of Great Britain, and the Dark-water Shark of the Complex versus the Spanish ships, Midnight Serpent and Bilge Raider.


Special mention should be given to the following

  • Roger Decksteel: After the leave of Jarod of the guild O U T L A W S, Decksteel took command of the Outlaw King, steering it to continuously sink three more Spanish ships
  • Sven Daggersteel: Valiantly fought off several Spanish ships, in his own light sloop with a single crew member, was the last to leave the field when it was apparent Britain had won. Daggersteel sunk a total of five Spanish ships, and was sunk but one time.
  • Jarod: Leader of O U T L A W S, entered into battle with the Outlaw King. Sank several Spanish ships before the arrival of British forces
  • Ben Squidskull: Leader of The Complex, captain of Dark-water Shark. Although somewhat reluctant, continued a pursuit to the death of the Midnight Serpent for over 10 minutes
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