Winston Black was born in 1733. His father, Jackson Black, was a brigadier in the British military.

Early life

Winston never knew his mother as a child and was often on his own. His best friend, Harrison Barby, was the son of a fishmonger from Portsmouth, England. The duo often traveled Port Royal, causing mischief everywhere they went.

Black was caught one day, unfortunately. Due to his father's extreme disappointment, he vowed never to mess in the affairs of the everyday townsfolk unless necessary. That, however, didn't stop Barby from picking up a few friends along the way.

Black's gang, which Barby ran, called themselves the Grims, since Barby's dog was a large rottweiler, and Black's last name was the color of a Grim. They competed with another gang, who called themselves the New Caribs. Though the two gangs never had more than a friendly duel (in which no one was injured), Black stayed away from all meetings with the New Caribs.

When Black was fifteen, he got involved in WITHHELD, SPOILER


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