Willitism is the act/state of religion in which you are oblivious to the world.


Willitism was founded while playing Skyrim. I was running around, being oblivious, aaaand...... I fell off a cliff. I said "Only me. Only William Yellowbones. *laugh* Willitism. :O IDEA!" and Willitism was made!

The 10 Rules of Willitism

1.You shall listen to William as your ruler.

2.You shalt worship any other "ism".

3.You shalt defy William, or you will be sent into the FIREY GATES OF OBLIVION!

4.You shall only listen to your rulers, but mostly me.

5.You shall sacrifice 1 can of Veinna Sausages a week to satisfy my stomache.

6.You shall have fun and a good time.

7.You shall do whatever he/she pleases, as long as you listen to your rulers.

8.You shalt mock your rulers, or you will be marked for a *Invader ZIM voice* PUBLIC EXCECUTION!

9.You shalt die, because I have no use for corpses.....

10.You shalt live, because I have no use for the living......

How to Summon a Member of Willitism

You will need:

1.A rotting corpse of bones.

2.A human heart.


4.A dagger.

5.The book "I Summon Thee, Wilitism!"

Willitism's Worlds of Meditation

Sovengarde:A peaceful land unto which you meditate among the dead heros of Tamriel. We go here to meditate "Peace". Here, we worship Ysgramor.

Tamriel:A beautiful land filled with forests, creatures of any sort, humans, and dragons. We go here to meditate "Relaxation and Love". Here, we worship Emperor Uriel Septim.

Oblivion:A dreadful place filled with Demons, lava, and other poisonous and dreaded creatures. This is my favorite of the World's. We go here to meditate "War, Destruction, Evil, and Red Blood." (red blood meaning the Devil and Demons) Here, we worship Alduin, Mephala, Namira, Mehrunes Dagon, Azura, Vaermina, Meridia, Malacath, Molag Bal, Boethiath, Hermaeus Mora, Clavicus Vile, Hiricine, Jyggalag, Nocturnal, Lorkhan, Peryite, Sheogorath, and Sanguine.

Worshipers of Willitism

Volsung:Memeber. Rank 1

Vokun: Elite Member. Rank 2

Otar:Veteran. Rank 3

Rahgot:Elite Veteran. Rank 4

Nahkriin:Officer. Rank 5

Hevnoraak:Elite Officer. Rank 6

Krosis:Lord.Rank 7

Morokei:Elite Lord. Rank 8

Konahrik:Overlord. Rank 9

William Yellowbones:Supreme Overlord. Rank 10


Yet to come.

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