William O'roberts

William O'roberts

William O'roberts is an EITC lord. He founded the guild East India Republic, as well as the Royale Alliance.


William O'roberts was born in 1679, in a small village in Yorkshire, England. He was a delinquent as a child, and was shipped off to a boarding school in London, England. He was thirteen at the time.

William stayed there until he was eighteen. He then joined Royal Navy, and was made a sailor. He served aboard the HMS Legendary.

He served upon it until he turned twenty-one, when the ship was blown off course from it's original destination, Jamestowne. A storm had hit it midway across the Atlantic. They decided they would keep sailing for the Caribbean and restock there. When they docked on Port Royal, the crew had to stay for several days. They were given bunks in Fort Charles. William mingled with several of the EITC officers, and became very interested. He joined the EITC, and left the crew of the HMS Legendary.

He stayed in the Caribbean for many years, serving in the EITC. When he turned forty-five, Lord Beckett granted him a charter to start a new guild for the EITC, East India Republic. In addition, he was appointed a lord of the EITC.

One day, on a scouting mission, he met a pirate named Robert Mcroberts. William convinced him to join EIR, and they grew greatly. They made a base in the Trading Co. Office on Tortuga, Navermo. Then, a war started.

A band of pirates, David Inc, on Padres del Fuego, Navermo, did not want William and his guild there. They attacked. A war started.

Later in the war, King John Breasly and Simon Lockward joined EIR. They rose through the ranks quickly, and became third and fourth in command. The second was Robert.

A few weeks into the war with David Inc, William fell in love with John's sister, Elizabeth Heartmalley. They got married, but it didn't last.

In an attempt to gain the upper hand, William had John and Robert create two guilds. John's was East India Army. Robert's was East India Empire. Unfortunately, David Inc reported all their names. Thus, the Royale Alliance was born.

After the war, William grew apart from the rest of them, even his own wife. William climbed aboard a ship, headed for England, on November 1, and hasn't been seen in the Caribbean since. Elizabeth let go of William, thinking he was dead, and sailed to England. She didn't find him.


To this day, William has still not been found, but is still believed to be alive.



Notoriety Level 44
LevelTemplate44 William O'roberts has reached Notoriety level 44!
Cannon Level 20
Sailing Level 26
Sword Level 30
Sword William O'roberts has mastered Sword!
Shooting Level 30
Gun William O'roberts has mastered Gun!
Doll Level 30
Doll William O'roberts has mastered Doll!
Dagger Level 26
Grenade Level 22
Staff Level 28
Potions Level 8
Fishing Level 3


Rank in Royal Navy Marine
Rank in East India Trading Company Lord
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