William Damproberts

William Damproberts

William Damproberts was born in Buckingham Palace in 1694. His mother, Mary Breasly, was the princess of England at the time. He lived with his siblings John Breasly, Elizabeth Heartmalley, Captain T, and Sean McHayes.

When he turned twenty five, he followed his brother John's footsteps, and sailed to the Caribbean. There, unable to find work, he became a mercenary for several years. When he turned twenty seven, he finally found his brother in an undead infested town called Las Pulgas. He joined East India Republic and soon rose through the ranks.

He became Head of Spywork and Intelligence. He was often about creating mercenary guilds, devoted to their enemies to cause chaos.

In an attempt to protect his brother, who was the king of England, he founded the Royale Alliance Elite Squad. It was then used as the main assassin guild. Eventually, he decided to invent a new type of gun. He invented the Assassin's Pistol, and gave it to all the Elite Squad members.

Today, he lives on Cuba, and can be seen in the swamps, practicing his magical skills. His servant, Dog O'breaker, is often seen doing work on William's ship, the Fortune Cutter, or doing odd jobs for William. William has nicknamed Dog "Puppy". If William is not on Cuba, he is with his brother, John Breasly

Notoriety: 30

Cannon: 9

Sailing: 9

Sword: 29

Gun: 22

Voodoo Doll: 5

Dagger: 19

Grenade: 4

Voodoo Staff: 5

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