This is a quest to do to a Player.

Talk to Will Greasescarlett

  1. Go see Will Greasescarlett in Trading Co. Office.

Recruit 1: Johnny

  • Johnny's Chests
  1. Go see Johnny in Shanty Beach House 1(by the jewelery shop).
  2. Plunder 3 loot chests.
  3. Return to Johnny.
  • The Recovery of Magic Power Rum
  1. Go see Johnny.
  2. Sink 2 fine rum from Navy ships.
  3. Sink Rum from EITC ships.
  4. Return to Johnny.

Recruit 2:Jack Seashot

  1. Go see Will Greasescarlett in Trading Co. Office.
  2. Go see Jack Seashot in Tortuga.
  • Navy's Revenge
  1. Go see Jack Seashot
  2. Sink 1 Tally-Ho.
  3. Defeat 14 Navy Soliders in Kingshead.
  4. Return to Jack Seashot.

Recruit 3:Will Calidovis

  1. Go see Will Calidovis in Trading Co. Office.
  2. Defeat a Navy Guard in Trading Co. Office.
  • Will's Haircut Bill
  1. Go see a barbor worker and give 1000 gold.
  2. Return to Will Calidovis
  • Will's Spirits
  1. Sink 5 phantoms
  2. Sink 1 Queen Anne Revenges.
  3. Sink 2 Undead Flagships.
  4. Go see Will Calidovis.

Will Greasescarlett Reviews Crew

  1. Go see Will Greasescarlett.
  2. Defeat 5 Navy Ships.

Will's Wife Recruit

  1. Go see Will Greasescarlett.
  2. Go see June.
  3. Go see Will Greasescarlett


  • 10,000 Gold
  • Space in Will Greasescarlett's Crew.

NOTE:When complete this quest, you will see Will's Wife.

When do you get this Quest?

You get this quest when you see Will Greasescarlett and when you are Level 9.

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