Why is a question we all may ask each other. It is a question we hear almost every day. "Why?" is a story about a boy and his dog, an adventure, which is said to never end.

During the war of 1222, there was a warrior with the name of Tom MountSon, his father a rich man, who made and sold rare and classic clothing. His mom a rich ship Captain. During the beginning of the war, both of his parents were tragically shot due to an unhappy customer, Tom, left to live and survive alone. The first thing he thought he might do, is buy a dog, for protection and company.

He named the dog Mountain, after his last name. They were literally best friends. Tom's dog was very smart, friendly, knowledgeable, and strong. He used the dog for Mainly Hunting. After All, It Was their source of food. But about 1 year later, in the winter season, they're luck was running low, very low. They were both at the edge of starvation. Mountain would moan at night because of lack of food. Tom couldn't bear it anymore. He knew he had to save Mountain, and himself of course. He was forced to join the war of 1222 with Mountain.

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