Jack Sparrow is the best pirate ever. He's very cunning, charming, a great duelist, a great sailor, and a great cheater. But what if he died?

Jack Sparrows Death

Jack was fighting Davy Jones in the battle of Calypso's Maelstrom. Jones snapped his sword in half so he fought him with a wooden pole and smacked him across the face. When Jack went for another hit, Jones grabbed the pole and flipped it out of his hands. Then smacked him to the ground.

Originally, Elizabeth Swann would board the Dutchman and hold off Jones but in this ending, she didn't. So Jones stabbed Jack in the heart while he was on the ground.

"The debt is settled" said Davy Jones.

Will Turner looked over but it was too late. Then Bootstrap Bill stabbed Will in the leg and he fell. Will was able to hold him off though and then get back up.

After Jacks Death

Will Turner had hate for Jones and forgot that Bootstrap was his father and ended up killing him with the dagger he got from him. Meanwhile, Davy Jones found the chest, grabbed it, and retreated to put it in his organ room.

Elizabeth got on the Dutchman and found Will limping around looking for the chest. They killed some of the last Navymen on the ship and then kissed. But then Davy Jones came out and when Elizabeth told Will to look out, he turned but was stabbed in the heart. Jones twisted the sword in his chest and stole Wills' sword.

Elizabeth tried to kill Jones but he was a much better duelist. She was struck to the ground and stabbed in the heart. Jones then found the piece of his tentacle beard on the ground that had the key in it. He took the key and called back his men. They broke off from the Black Pearl and retreated.

The pirate fleet then embraced the oldest and noblest of all pirate traditions: they fought to run away. Barbossa took control of the Black Pearl once and for all and the EITC remained in the Caribbean; for now.

There are many reasons to cry over Jacks death. I think the biggest reason is that without him, On Stranger Tides would never have come out.

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