Western European Royatly Dinner!

This will be a royal dinner held to gather The Royalties of Spain, Russia, France, England, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, and Ireland. Only the Kings and Queens will be invited. If additional guests would like to come please send Spade Romanov a message concerning this.

1.) Location: El Patron's Ship, Raven's Cove.

2.) Time: Thursday, May9th at 7pm Eastern Time Zone.

Platinum - This will be for the most important guests.

Gold - This will be for the primary guests.

Silver - This will be for the secondary guests.

Dinner Hosts

1.) King Philip V (Sir Carlos Clemente)

2.) King George II (John Breasly)

3.) Emperor Peter The Great ( Benjamin Macmorgan )

Invitation List

Name Rank Guest Type
King Philip V (Sir Carlos Clemente) King Of Spain Dinner Host
Rainbow Unicorn Queen of Spain Platinum
King George II (John Breasly) King Of England Dinner Host
Emperor Peter the Great (Benjamin Macmorgan) Czar Of Russia Dinner Host
Jack Bluehawk King Of France Platinum
Elizabeth Pondbellows Queen Of France Platinum
James Fritz-Stuart (Robert Mcroberts) Viceroy of India Golden
King John Macbatten King Of Sweden Golden
Princess Stardust Princess Of France Golden
Prime Minister Hippie VP Of Spain Golden
Prince Cadet Prince Of Spain Silver
Prince Dandandragon Prince Of Spain Silver
Shah Robert Shipstealer Shah Of Persia Silver
Fredrick V (Matthew Blastshot) Viceroy of Denmark Silver

Guests Up For Debate

Jeremiah Stormwash, Elizabeth Bane, Captain Shadow Sail, John Macbatten


1.) 7pm - 7:15pm - Guests Arrive and are seated.

2.) 7:15pm – 7:30pm - Opening speech is given by Sir Carlos Clemente, and the appetizers, and beverages are served.

3.) 7:30pm - 8:pm - Dinner begins, socializing with royalties occurs. Desert is served.

4.) 8pm - 8:30pm - Guests stand up and there is a small ballroom, and dancing occurs.

5.) 8:30pm – 8:45pm - 15 minutes of last socializing.

6.) 8:45pm – 9:00pm - Guests Exit and leave.


1.) Appetizer - Barcelonian Calamari, Spanatopia.

2.) Beverages - Red Wine, White Wine, Water, Iced Tea, Rum.

3.) Dinner - Cordobian Tilapia, Cajun Shrimp, Caesar Salad.

4.) Desert - Flan, Tapioca Pudding, Vanilla Bean Cake, Ambrosia.

Important Note!

No EITC are invited, this is a private Royalty meaning. This is a firm message to all EITC. If infact you do attend, after being asked not to, you will be arrested, and charges will be pressed, and you will immediately be jailed. This is a very important dinner, and only Royalty that is in a Peaceful state is allowed to attend. Thank You.

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