A general known as Richard Brets of England once weileded these weapons in 1398. One day, he lost a battle against rebels, he was forced to retreat. Upon return the King exiled him, and the pope excommunicated him. He was in complete exile. He spent 18 years of his life in exile nomadicy. One lucky day, he stumbled across a Wizard known as Rictor Tyriantlia. Rictor found him, took him in, and used his cunning abilities to lure him in to his plot. Richard Brets, being a very power hungry man, demanded power. So what Rictor Tyirantila did was he forged 5 weapons, the "Hand Cannon", the Cutlass of unlimited power, the bigger hand cannon, the long range hand cannon, and the cutlass of the seas. The cutlass of the Seas has the ability to control the wind and tide of the Oceans. The cutlass of unlimited power, makes it so if you wield it, you may not be defeated in battle, or killed. The hand cannons with the pull of a trigger, instantly killed the opposition. He was drunken with power, and in Rictor Tyriantilas sleep, he shot Rictor Tyrirantilas. The plot had just unfolded, because Rictor knew when he was alive how drunken with the power Richard Brets was, so he cursed the weapons. The weapons after 18 years of use slowly kills you. You cannot notice the curse, but it shuts down everything, you don't even realize it but by the 5th year, you are undead, and the Weapons are 1 with your soul.

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