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The Wave Runner is a War Sloop owned by Lawrence Ironhawk.

It has been upgraded to include more cargo space in its hulls. Its colours are that of white wings on black sails.

This is the third ship Lawrence has owned, the first being a pitiful Light Sloop.

The Wave Runner has a large amount of cargo space compared to others of its kind at seventeen units. It can hold approximately nine crewmembers.

It has a total of eight cannons and fourteen broadsides; however, it prefers to employ its superior speed rather than its firepower when dealing with enemy ships, being able to reach speeds of twenty-four knots.

It's HP and Sails amount to 7920 and 9000, making it a weak target. It does, however, compensate with its speed, making it a harder target to hit.

This vessel was originally a Navy Kingfisher before Lawrence "commandeered" it while being transported to Port Royal for a hanging.

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