Warskull's Dagger

Warskull's Stilleto

Warskull's Stilleto is a Venitian-made dagger. Using Venetian, Damascan, and Arabian steel, it can use several aspects of voodoo. Because of it's unique balance, the dagger is weightless. This dagger has the ability to attack like a dagger or throwing knives.

This dagger was orignally going to be given to Lord Cutler Beckett, but for unknown reasons, Ian Mercer kept it. When he met his best assassin, Warskull, he gave it to him. The dagger was put to use of the Black Guard for many years, until one fateful day.

The king of England, George I, was being kept in a jail on Kingshead. Warskull broke him out, and together, they sailed away.

It is unknown what happened to Warskull. Some say he's hiding. Some say he's simply dead. Although, some say the possesser of the dagger, King John Breasly, is Warskull.

The dagger was given to Le Souris Morte years later.


Type/Rarity Legendary Dagger
Resale Value N/A 500 gold
Attack N/A 90
Silver Freeze (Weapon Skill) Rank 5 Freezes all nearby targets with icy daggers!
Molten Burn (Weapon Skill) Rank 5 Burns all nearby targets with molten daggers!
Lightning Shock Rank 5 Shocks all nearby targets with lightning-like daggers!
Blade Instict Boost + 5 Boosts on blade instinct
Use N/A Level 30 daggers
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