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The War of Fragilles took place between England, Germany, and France.

How It Began

It was a warm March evening. Several men in the service of King Darkskull of Germany approached the French Lord Proprietor of Fragilles server. They gave the Lord Proprietor the gold, and bought Fragilles.

In the morning, the kings of England and Germany met on Cuba. They were arguing with Napoleon Bonoparte, over a trade agreement, when Marie Antoinette stepped in. She claimed Fragilles was hers' and war broke out.

Anglo-Prussian Side


  • England
  • Germany
  • Prussian Mercenaries
  • Reuplic Of Hungary


  • Viceroyalty Co. (Guild)
  • Black Officers
  • Co. Republic
  • Taylor Gang

French Side


  • France
  • Russia


  • Co. Black Guard (Guild)

How It Was Resolved

Johnny Goldtimbers of the EITC laid down a treaty, stating Germany and France would divide Fragilles. Bonoparte whined and tried to rip the treaty, but was beat up and locked outside. They signed.

See treaty here.

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