War Update

Both sides are hesitant, neither of the nations ( England and Spain ) have not made contact yet. But, the islands have had far more activity then we expected. The British and EITC Navy, took over more then half of the Caribbean in the blink of an eye. British forces have captured the following, Isla Perdida, Driftwood Island, Raven's Cove, Isla Cangrejos, Outcast Isle, and Devils Anvil. Perdida serves as the company's supply base and second training centre, it is very isolated and only British Personal know how to sail to there. Driftwood serves as the boot camp island for England, importing all new recruits from Port Royal to there. Raven's Cove is a new Navy Base, because it is very isolated, very much like Perdida. Kingshead is where the King and Parliament make shelter during war, because Kingshead is very fortified. The rest of the islands serve as shelter for pirates.

Pirate Islands

  • Tortuga
  • Rumrunner's Isle
  • Isla Tormenta

Spanish Territory

  • Spanish Island
  • Cutthroat Isle

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