Waffuruhausu is owned by

Gunfish Adubrate!


Waffuruhausu is a restaurant owned by Gunfish Adubrate. It is different than most taverns and eateries, as it only serves breakfast items. It is located inside of a huge crater formed when a test for The Egg Fleet went horribly wrong. They were stuck with a huge crater so they decided to make some profit out of it. When they realized that they couldn't get a shipment of food they were stuck. They had no means of transportation out of the crater and back to the homeland. They spotted a herd of goats and rode them back home.


Waffuruhausu is most famous for their wafers (waffles) and that is the only thing they serve. Due to being in a crater they must use nearby sources of food. The problem is that there are no real sources of food. They made a deal that they will have ingredients for wafers shipped in when needed.

Wafer - 6 yen

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