Voyager's Edge was made 100s or even 1000s of years ago.It can only be found on Rumrunners Isle and some other islands and has a cursed that brings a deadly defect to the user of this blade.It is mostly handy at boarding flagships including the Queen's Anne Revenge.It is also to be said that theres only 2 of these swords one contains Good luck forever for the user and the other sword will give the user bad luck forever! Legend has it, that it was made my the roman sea God Neptune himself.
Voyager's Edge

the Voyager's Edge looks similar to Sword of Triton

It is said that it was made by the god Neptune but other beileve a sailor made it then Neptune got jealous and then killed him claiming that this sword was his!


  • Attack on land- 12
  • Attack on Sea-122
  • Always grants you the first swing
  • Its Part cutlass and part Sabre
  • made of out silver!
  • Light But Strong!

Some Creatures Could be using these swords like, The Undead Espanol Bandido Hyatt,

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