The Voodoo World Charts last known Picture

The Voodoo World Chart is a large map of the world and it can actually bend the reality of places. The voodoo world chart can create armies, create ships, sink ships, destroy towns and nations, destroy entire armies,create new land and countries, and create total world domination....


Hernando Cortez - used to defeat aztes, lost soon after

Ancient Egyptians - unknown uses, lost to greeks and romans who used to conquer egypt

Romans and Greeks - used to conquer egypt

Holy Roman Empire - used for there crusades

The Crusaders - used in same use as holy roman empire

Current owner : None

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Major use

When the world was young Cavemen had trifled with the map and separated all of the earth from its once solid state.

New owner?

See if you have what it takes to rule this haunted and weird map..... Maybe ya can master its power... the world will see- message written in stone translated from ancients ( seriously put in comments if you want to own it)

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