Victory Conqueror
350px-Pearl fleeing
The Victory Conqueror


Legendary, 10 star War Brig

Port of Registry

Skull Cove




Captain Slappy


Gold and Red





Special Ammo

Greek Fire (front)

Maximum Speed

20 knots




"I pray for any unfortunate soul bound upon this forsaken vessel."

King George Augstus, King of England.

The Victory Conqueror is a massive First Rate War Brig captained by Slappy.

Inside the ship

Top Deck: 100 foot long War Brig, black silk four mastered sails with a Green Bull emblem, two crowsnests, 36 deck cannons, 3 stairways: First stairway extends from the main deck to a risen deck with a few cannons, second stairway extends from the risen deck to the helm deck with a steering wheel and a few cannons, on the back of this deck in the entrance to the cabin, third stairway extends from the helm deck to the highest deck, includes a few cannons and a view of the back of the ship, a few lanterns to complete it.

Crew's Quarters: Accessable by a staircase on the top deck. This room has two poker tables where crwmates can relax when not on shift, and a supply of food and water for when the crew is hungry. This room is about 90 feet long.

Cannon Deck: Accessable by a staircase in the Crew's Quarters. This deck holds 12 cannons on each side of the boat. Cannons are upgraded with explosive ammo, very dangerous. This deck has the strongest armor on the ship, besides the cabin. Armor is reinforced by steel and the finest acorn. This room is is about 80 feet long.

Navigational Deck: Accessable by a staircase in the Cannon Deck. This room includes 3 large tables, each with a large map of part of the world. All the mpas are different, one showing North and South America, one showing Europe, and the other showing everything else. Important meetings are held in this room. The length is 70 feet.

~Now in the Underwater area, which is below the visible hull and is underwater~

Crew's Resting Area: This part of the ship is accessed by a hatch in the Navigational Deck. This room is used for sleeping. The room is mostly hammocks and chests containing one's clothes and other things he needs for the voyage. This room is in this part of the ship so that they can watch the jail area, in case a prisoner escapes. This area is 90 feet long.

The Jail: This area is in the very bottom of the ship. Reinforced by the strongest steel, this is where captives are held in cells. Inside the cells are wooden benches hanging by chains, and nothing else. The bars are made from the finest metal. No one has ever escaped from this jail.


The flag that flies proudly over the Victory Conqueror, the Deadly Roger Flag.

Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack - Swords Crossed

Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack - Swords Crossed