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Archived Consulate Terms

Information for the First three elections is kept on the Guild website, but has been lost for the time being. All information has been lost, except for who was elected Consul, their Party, and the Chancellor appointed.

First Term

Consul 1 Robert Mcroberts Imperial Party
Consul 2 Richard Hookskull Imperial Party
Chancellor John Breasly Royale Party

Second Term

1st Consul Lawrence Daggerpaine Imperial Party
2nd Consul Kat Hexbones Imperial Party
Chancellor Robert Mcroberts Imperial Party

Third Term

1st Consul Robert Mcroberts Imperial Party
2nd Consul John Breasly Imperial Party
Chancellor Jack Cannonhawk Imperial Party

Fourth Term (current)

( Johnny Dockshot is the guild's current presiding Judge, who was appointed by John Breasly)

Simpified Initial Chart

1st Consul Captain Ryan Imperial Party
2nd Consul Jack Cannonhawk Imperial Party
Chancellor John O'Eagle Royale Party

Voting Chart

First Round. Saturday to Sunday

Jack Cannonhawk (Imperial Party) 5
Ned Swordmartin (Royale Party) 3
Jacob Dylan Anglefish (Independent) 1
Captian Ryan (Imperial Party) 4
Dandandragon (Clover Council of Elders Party) 4
Marie Antonie (Clover Council of Elders Party) 3
John O'Eagle (Royale Party) 2
Geoffrey Ropefitte (Independent) 0

Second Round, Monday

Captain Ryan (Imperial Party) 7
Dandandragon (Clover Council of Elders Party) 4

Current Chart

Consul Jack Cannonhawk Imperial Party
Consul John O'Eagle Imperial Party
Chancellor Ned Swordmartin Imperial Party

News Articles!

A Consul Removed!

Captain Ryan the Consul, was removed from his office on 2/20/2011 and has been bared from entering the guild forever. Ryan was accused of leaking Info to the Co, Empire, but these Charges were dropped at first. However after further invesitgating, Ryan had been meeting with them and giving Viceroyalty Co. secrets away and kicking members. In a trial Captain Ryan lost and the Judge ordered a vote to be held to keep him in or not. The vote was conducted over 3 hours and the results were clear.

Keep Ryan 2
Get Rid of Ryan 11

Captain Ryan was removed from Consul, and John O'Eagle the Chancellor has replaced him.

It is expected for either Soar or Ned Swordmartin to take the Position of Chancellor.

Matthew Darkskull has taken his command roles

Elections Results are in!

The Imperial Party once again claimed victory with Canidates Captian Ryan and Jack Cannonhawk winning, but made some major losses to the Royale Party and the new Clover Council of Elders Party.

It should also be noted, due to Superbowl XLV, there was less of a turnout.

The Election was continued into monday, because of the First recorded tie ever. Captian Ryan beat Dandan dragon in the second round of voting and became Consul.

Elections are Soon!

The elections for the Fourth Term as Consul of the Royale Alliance will begin this weekend. Current Consuls, Robert McRoberts and John Breasly will NOT be seeking reelection. This leaves many contedors for Imperial Party nomination. Captian Ryan is a favorite, but does not have much political experience, a deciding factor for nomination. Luuluu is another choice, but some question if he should be eligable because his Main Pirate is not currently in the Alliance. The Gen. of Peace Party is expecting to make major gains, as more members in thier guild have registered to vote. The Royal Party hopes to make some comebacks, and the chance for a Independent to win are greater than ever!

Who will win the election! Only time will tell....

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