Venables Pistol
Venables gun


Richard Venables

Three Redcoats


Ishmael Venables

Ishamel Jr. Venables


To Ishmael, Brothers in Arms



Years ago, Ishmael's father Richard decided to built a newest weapon for himself to use in the war. He ask one of his most trusted friend Luther to make one for himself by saying To Ishmael Brothers in Arms. But nobody wouldn't trust Richard to use it cause rumors was it was a cursed pistol by making the soldiers get killed. So after the war Richard serve in, he put the pistol away in the case til Ishmael found it and ask his father to let him keep it. But some of Ishmael marines died from the gun, so Kilrain ask Ishmael to do something with the pistol but he refused not to destroy it but til Ishmael son was born he decided to give it to his son.

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