Vanessa Deathbain is a rogue assassin that was just recently discovered by Sir Carlos Clemente. He found her sharpening her Assassin's Knives under the fishing house in Raven's Cove right before she drank a phantom spirits and disappeared. She was guildless, level 35, she had a cloak over her head to hide her face, and black and dark red clothes where what made up the rest of her attire. It's a mystery of who she fights for, and how powerful she is. Everyone was confused for days until the Spanish Overlord Hippie recognized the name. Vanessa Deathbain is Hippie's long lost daughter. When Hippie and his ex-wife were married, they had Vanessa and gave her the Dagger Of The Dark Idol. Ever since, Deathbain has been obsessed with daggers. When Hippie and his wife parted, Vanessa ran away with the pain of the fights on her back, with Hippie yelling at his wife telling her how he protects the whole family. Vanessa knew that Hippie was one of the most powerful pirates in the Caribbean, and that she couldn't stand up for her mother with the level 20 notoriety she had. Hippie killed the mother shortly after Vanessa disappeared, and ever since, Hippie has been living with this on his back.

Now that Vanessa Deathbain is back, and possibly having a grudge against Hippie for killing her mother, the only question left is, who will help her? Better yet, with her stealthy self, always under Phantom Spirits, who can FIND her? She will be an excellent resource to any empire that would like Hippie out of their way, since she knows Hippie's weaknesses, and every one of his weapons. Be on the search, my fellow lords, kings and queens. The search for Vanessa Deathbain has started!!

And BEWARE: Do NOT estimate her by her level. She is one of the deadliest pirates in the game.


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