VWE Interactive
V&W Entertainment
The logo for Venables & Wellington Entertainment, which VWE Interactive is a subsidiary of.


August 18, 2014

Parent Company

Venables & Wellington Entertainment


Joseph Grey

Vice President

John Kroshbon

Head of VWE Interactive


Published works


      VWE Interactive is a subsidiary of Venables & Wellington Entertainment that develops and publishes Video Games. It was founded to develop the MC Nations, a minecraft server. 

Company Hierarchy

  1. President of V&W Entertainment ~ Joseph Grey 
  2. Vice President of V&W Entertainment ~ John Kroshbon 
  3. Head of VWE Interactive ~ TBA 
  • ​Developer ~ 
  • Developer ~ 
  • Developer ~ 
  • Developer ~ 

The MC Nations 

A RPG-Faction based server set in Europe during the 1760's. Personally overseen by V&W's President and Vice-President, and currently the main project of VWE Interactive. 
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