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Can you?...

Can you add the chat thingy (like the chat thingy that's on whenever your in recent activity or wherever) to the Cafe and stuff?

~>Keira Kinover-Mar<~

You are invited!

Tama, you are invited to join my play, Shade, Bobby Moon, Jim Logan, and possibly MacMorgan are in it. Would you like to join? Just vist the page! Captain William YellowbonesSpanish Flag 17:18, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

New Wikia

Click this link: DO IT!!!!! xD Captain William YellowbonesSpanish Flag 22:04, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

o TAMA!!!!!! SOMEBODY GET A ADMIN TO UNBAN HIM OR SOMETHING!!!!!!! Ok so I know for a fact unless you and William argued that somebody broke onto his account and banned you. Maybe it was someone you banned before... Miss? Or somebody else who I don't know that you banned?


Was it that simple to know it was me O_O and sorry for yelling I thought William had banned you


Lol to that thing about my last comment and you're kidding me :P so basicly he is getting payback on you.... That's cold. You make bans in good faith


Yes you may. Do a blog that has the nomination for him in it. --KatBlueDogHiya! 13:05, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Excuse me, but I copied it from Nation Life Wiki, where I actually wrote it

Excuse me, but I copied it from Nation Life Wiki, where I actually wrote it. I will gladly take a strike if I had any evidence. I really used my coding from the nation life wiki. (

Edgar Wildrat

^NvM I kinda deserve it. All wikis use the same coding....

Copywritten how?

Because if he copyrighted it, then I'll remove it, I didn't know it was copywritten O_o.... It's not like I want to go around stealing other peoples copywritten images!

I see you removed it. Can I copy it from what I wrote on the


All I can afford or have is Paint for windows and Paint.NET (GIMP) and all I can do with GIMP is make it transparent.

{C By the way, is this stored on the Admin Chat, that you deny to have, or somewhere else?



So do I still have a strike?



Thanks. If it's possible could you tell me how you created the this logo? It's okay if you don't.



Uh.... Tama. There's a problem........... Well, idk how to even use the wikia chat :P Only the third Party type O_o. fail? lol.
200px-Potc skull color
Lawrence Daggerpaine, of the Gen. Of Peace and founder of Daggerpaine Industries. Click here for Theme Song.


I've resigned. Please remove my comment and history colors. And the rest of the stuff too. Userboxes, signature. And pleas eunprotect my userpage.

Captain Crimson


Hey Tama,

I have a sugestion that could help improve the community and instill a fairer method of community votes. It would be a good idea if all community votes, which include: Ban Requests, Nominations and other such things, now included both a PROS and CONS list of the user being nominated or banned or the issue being voted on. That way nobody who hasnt really interacted with the user or had experience with the issue being voted on will be biased by the few things listed in the vote. For example (Im talking hypothetically and my examples arent accurate) if you nominated Joe Soap and listed attributes such as:

  • Good editor
  • Understands coding
  • Has been on wiki for long

Then the majority would vote yes. But you would of course be leaving out the cons of him being promoted such as:

  • He is inactive every second day
  • He has been banned once
  • He lies to users

Then the users would know that he might be a bad admin and they would think for themselves if they really want him nominated and not be biased by all the good things listed.

I suppose nominatiosn isn't the best place for this because the person will obviously be nominated for having primarily good attributes but im using it as an example for community votes.

Another thing I realized was that sometimes users are "pushed" towards voting for a certain party in community votes. I saw this in GenLawrence's nomination for chat mod. I supported Lawrence but everytime somebody voted no, the community would demand to know who did it and insult the anonymous user for voting no, and I think if that happens admins should step in and ask the users to be fair and unbiased.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, its a bit of a long message and maybe a bore, but I think it's important and I hope you agree. I just felt that certain users were feeling that they should vote with the majority or according to the attributes listed, and the few that do vote no change their minds because they see that certain users are unhappy with their vote.


Jack Pistol of The Order of Nautillus

re: suggestion

Thanks. I know Law is a very likeable guy but its the principle. People can perhaps ask who voted no, for rigging purposes, but I dont think they should be allowed to in any way slander or acuse that person for their decision. I'll also be sending the same message to Kat.

Btw yes it looks great :D I would have sent the message sooner but I was looking through your user page and going to all the links XD


Jack Pistol of The Order of Nautillus


Someone kick banned me from chat.....? Was it Jerry? Can I come back to chat. Because, oh, if it was Jerry then he just wants me to not blab about all the things hes told me in PM


User Complaint on Chat

I know I have been very annoying, leading the mob against Captain Crimson so to speak. But I have found that he messaged me in PM, and insulted me last night. He said "You will be banned" when I asksed him why he said "Because you are picking a fight with an admin" keep in mind this happened before Jerry got mad at me or any other users. Also, remember he PM me, so i t was him who picked a fight.



Unban me or ban him.

Hey tama I see my ideas were approved, may I nominate myself as the first Judge for the court thing?

The Bully named Cartman aka Tsar Benjamin Macmorgan 16:06, July 3, 2011 (UTC)


Hey, could you do something with my comments to make the text lime green? I'm good with coding, as long as it's not css, so I don't know how to do so.--Shade@admins sig-sign 16:20, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

Deleted Server Page

The Deleted Server page doesn't list all the deleted servers can u fix it with dis?The Deleted Server page doesn't list all the deleted servers can u fix it with dis?


  1. Barten
  2. Barumal
  3. Chetik
  4. Cortos
  5. Desereau
  6. Exubia
  7. Martinaba
  8. Mosona
  9. Muigos
  10. Navago
  11. Navermo
  12. Patros
  13. Romana
  14. Sabada
  15. Sabona

~LeClerc Sharpe Formally Mega2098~

Awww, i liked thouse though. Why can i use them as decoration? ha ha


Ok no problem. Do you have a copy of it saved?--KatBlueDogHiya! 14:54, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

Category Request

Hey Tama. the EITCSI has more than ten pages involving it. I checked and it has around 12 i believe. Could i make a category called the EITCSI. Thanks

Robert 15:37, July 4, 2011 (UTC)


Ya it should be Empress

Jim Logan Sig 2

Jim Logan Sig 1

16:47, July 5, 2011 (UTC)


Read.--Shade@admins sig-sign 17:15, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

I don't understand. -- Jzfredskins Talk

new admin features

New features for us to administer the wiki -Allowing 'crats to give users the bot flag

 Tama63 Talk  @admins sig-sign


Please use your bot account for making bot edits because your spaming up the recent activity.

Captain Crimson

Response to message

I understand but i ran out of ideas fro them anyway i mostly do the QAR screen shots

Bill Plunderbones, Head of the Society of Light. Co-GM of the Gen. Of Peace, Emperor of Japan Ceo of DI,

Admin Message

Please do not create/modify any more Pages which are too modern and are out of the game's time span!--Cooltext527246187Bot 19:15, July 5, 2011 (UTC)


Which is too modern?

Is it the play about cats? xD

Cap 19:52, July 5, 2011 (UTC)


Hey Tama do you know how to get your account Name Changed?

N 20:09, July 5, 2011 (UTC)


With all due respect mister I have no idea what you're talking about xD Cher Bear =D 20:22, July 5, 2011 (UTC)


Ok Tama. Jason Yelloweagle is a Privateer, and spy for France!

Smart Snaps Application

I would like to join as a sig maker here are some of the sigs I have made for myself and one that I have made for someone else


Jason Yelloweagle is a Privateer, and spy for France!

Captain William Yellowbones

Time span?

What do you mean time span, I am not sure what i have done.

Okay.... What the heck are you talking about?

Aplentia 05:01, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah Tama I think we Need to Ask Wikia to make them Bots

N 06:15, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

MEssage you sent

You said i could no longer make or create new pages that are out of our time frame, ok i'll do that but what about the pages i still have that like EITCSI Titan Class War Ship and the EITCSI Terror Class War Ship could i at least change that pictures that way they arent to modern?

RobetsigtransTalk page 11:50, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

resume for smart snaps

i would like to join Smart Snaps and help the userboxes thingy :P

ShadowCutlass Tama63/Archive really wants to get a Shadow Cutlass!
Defeated QAR Tama63/Archive has sunk the Queen Anne's Revenge and defeated her notorious crew
(I'm making it more better defeated QAR one)
DavyJones Tama63/Archive has access to the Phase Files!
Watery Mast Tama63/Archive is a BEAST in SvS
Beastinpvp Tama63/Archive is a BEAST in PvP

~LeClerc Sharpe~ (Formally known as Mega2098)

Can You Please Delete The Beautiful Land Page? Its Totally Bihacked So Please Do So. I Will Create Another One. Sincerely - Crimson Knight Zoomer - Black Ballade. Happy Fighting!!!! 17:00, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Go Fly.

Please, Stop Sending Me All These Crud Messages. Sincerely - Crimson Knight Zoomer - Black Ballade. Happy Fighting!!!! 17:16, July 6, 2011 (UTC)


Um ok, I wont and I never have. Thanks for the warning.

Jedi Master Jim Logan, The King of all Conduits 17:31, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

I told them to Make Tama63bot and LordMatthewBlastshotBot, Bots that should work

N 17:51, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

What other pages would "role-play" be considered as? I never make war pages. Anything else I shouldn't make?


King George II of England

I Won't

I didn't make one and I won't make one. I am King Gamer! Talk to Me Lotsa Edits! 18:25, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Messages on my talk page?

What are you talking about? on my talk page u keep giving me the admin cut it out lectures...

i made 1 edit... and idk when that happened

do you have the right person?

Matthew Goldrage 18:27, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Role Play

From now one please do not make a role play page ie. Germany declares on Spain without asking an Admin See here---- Tama63 Talk  @admins sig-sign 18:29, July 6, 2011 (UTC)


Please Tama, not to be rude, but please stop sending the messages about Role Play. I get it

Jedi Master Jim Logan, The King of all Conduits 18:53, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Ahoy, um why is my page being put up for deletion it's a fan-made movie. I thought they were ok to post on here...


Hey tama

i changed my sig some more, is it possible for the div to be next to my name and not under?


Jack Pistol of

What r u talking about i didnt even make a Spain vs Germany page

Tama, John Breasly and I want to Make a Movie/Play page About how the Navy Captured the Black Pearl we'll add a disclaimer, and acknowledge this is not how the Navy actually captured it, but it is the player envisioned-version. Can we Make the Page?

N 20:00, July 6, 2011 (UTC)


Hey admin tama, plz do not blame me things i didnt do

i havent done anything to the germany declares war on spain at all

Again plz do not blame me and dont lie

User:Uzi1/Sig 20:29, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

King Edward Daggerhawk

Ban forever request

Hey Tama Keira has a stalker on the Wiki named I LOV KEIRA can you ban this person forever since he has only made a Wikia account to stalk Keira? Thank you for your time Jason YelloweagleTalk President of the Crazy People


My sister put the lying thing on my message before so scratch that out plz

King Edward Daggerhawk

p.s. i havent done anything at all

I know

I know Mr. Bot.

Cooltext536844816 (1)


What do you mean?

What are you talking about?

Admin Message[1]Edit

Please do not create/modify any more Pages which are too modern and are out of the game's time span!--[2]Bot 19:14, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

Role Play

[3]EditFrom now one please do not make a role play page ie. Germany declares on Spain without asking an AdminSee here----Tama63 Talk [4] 18:27, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, I ain't got a clue of what your talking about. I have been here for almost three years and nobody has a problem about me making my pages how they are. And my pages stories are not modern, they take place in the same time span that the game takes place in. And as for the second message, my story can be how ever i want it to be. If I want my players' stories to go along with the story line of the game, then I will. Nobody else in this wiki has a problem with my stories so why are you telling me not to do these things? Cause so far as i know for the three years that i have been here, anybody can have their story what ever the way they want it.

Sea Guardian

I haven't made a role play on here. EVER.

Why am I being warned about roleplays?


Paradox Invitation!

Hello Tama. You are being offered a position as President of The Paradox, and full ambassador to The Royal Federation, led by Benjamin Macmorgan. In The Paradox as President you will be head of The Executive branch, giving you much power, and much responsibility. We are pleased with your past work on the wikia, and on POTCO, and would love to pass you up with this job offer. Get back to me soon, and have a nice day. :)

~ The Paradox Staff

I know this is stalking, but consider the fact he might try to use you as a puppet to get himself power of the wiki.


King George II of England

Well considering the fact that i have never done so before, you cannot really say that John, and Tama was just given a great offer. Don't go off making him feel bad. That is rude. -Pear

I believe I'm allowed to give insight to one of my best friends. Based on your actions in the past, I couldn't help wondering if there was something behind the invitation. Sorry for actually being a free-thinker. I know most of your followers are like zombies, and you are the bokor, but you need to get used to people being able to think for themselves.


King George II of England


You need to learn to shut your mouth, and keep your self in line, and um my past? Yeah, mind giving me some examples of that. You ALWAYS bring that up, and then when I ask for examples you back down, and walk off. -Pear

Oh, I don't know. Maybe how you destroyed Royale Knight Co because I refused to promote your spy to officer? Maybe when you corrupted good people like Hippie and Dandandragon? Maybe when you lie to everyone every time I pown you mentally or in PvP/SvS? Why don't you stop lying for a change, and accept your wrongs and faults.


King George II of England

Hmm? What role play page did I make?

XxKitty the KatxX (purrrrrz) 10:29, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

Re: Role Play

Excuse me? I have no idea what you're talking about. The only pages I've made are United Caribbean Army, United Caribbean Army/Defense, The Voodoo Hunters (and chapters), and Shadow Crow. Nothing about roleplay, germany or spain... --The One And Only Guitar Hero Talk to TOAOGH You can't believe everything online, that's what started WW1 14:35, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

Futuristic Content Idea

New idea for futuristic content here


King George II of England 14:48, July 7, 2011 (UTC)


Can you bring my sig from the Cafe here? Be much appreciated.

~>Keira Kinover-Mar<~

Please Unban Me.Im Lord Lawrence Dagger.Why Did You Ban Me in The First Place???


Lord Law.

Can You Unban Me???

Dear Tama63,

How Was i Abusing Multiple Accounts???

Can You Unban Me Please???


Lord Lawrence Dagger

Page Creation Request

May I create a page called the POTCO Players Hall Of Fame?

Jedi Master Jim Logan, The King of all Conduits 20:13, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

I think he doesn't like his username and would rather use the second account. If so, we can unban LLD and ban CtCL?

User:John Breasly/AdminSig

He's already made the second account, so it's not like he can redirect to it. At least I don't think....?

User:John Breasly/AdminSig

RE: Roleplay

hey there Tama63 could i please have some clarification on what you mean by no roleplay?


Why are you complaining to em about this? I haven;t even edited in awhile!

Captain, I wish to report a mutiny. I can name fingers and point names.

Re: Admin note

I have also not created anything outside of the game's time span. Am I being hacked?! --The One And Only Guitar Hero Talk to TOAOGH You can't believe everything online, that's what started WW1 14:23, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

Umm? What? I'm in no way associated with roleplaying, 'Germany' or 'Spain'. I never created a Roleplaying page and really I haven't done anything for at least a week. I looked in my contributions and the only thing about the date was on Bonehead blog where he was asking what year it was. Leave me alone and I know where everything linked. I know where they are -_-.

Simon Treasurehawk 4,209 Edits!


Hey Tama, I really like this font

Davy Hookwrecker,Elven Lord

Could you make one for me in that font saying " Don Robert De Muerte " i'll do other stuff with the sig but could you also tell me the website?

RobetsigtransTalk page 19:43, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

A Letter to Spain

Lord Samuel Redbeard is back from his ban, and already... he's gon ape [censored] because everybody told him that he needs admin permission for the A Letter to Spain page... and he KNEW that the rule was made because every user who ever made any type of edit on this wiki, was sent a message by Tama's [evil ro]bot. Please do something... we banned him fro a reason... And he is looking for a ban for the SAME reason again.

Animated-flag Spanish-Signature Cap-Crimson Animated-flag

Pearson Sig

Pearson didn't take your signature. Captain Robert made it. I undid your strikes over it because it's not his fault. He didn't know.

Animated-flag Spanish-Signature Cap-Crimson Animated-flag


My, bad i needed a base template, i was going to change it but my mom took me off the computer -_-. My bad. sry.

Animated Spanish flag2Cooltext538675643-1-Animated Spanish flag2 12:37, July 9, 2011 (UTC)

Tama Forgot to tell you but you can Use Tamabot on my Wiki Now They Put the Bot Tag under his User Management rights So feel free to Use Tamabot.

N 16:37, July 9, 2011 (UTC)


Shade told Nick to tell me the picture, he still did not. I want to play that game that he took the photo of. But I can not untill I know the name of it. 19:50, July 9, 2011 (UTC) Forgot to log in, it is me, William.


Hiya tama please take a look at Live Chat. And just wondering but did my idea about the gold coins get approved? If so then EVERYONE would have a gold coin page, but that would require a lot and a lot of work as admins would have to work TRIPLE hard to maintain the gold coin thing.

Anyways, check out my live chat idea!

Cap 00:41, July 10, 2011 (UTC)


Hey Tama.

I'd really like to make a signature, and I got the wording, I just don't know how to change the font, colour, or size of the wording. I'm really new to the wiki thing and I'm not that tech-savvy a guy. Thanks for your help.

Lord Jeremiah Garland, Viceroy of the American Colonies 05:03, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

The Paradox - Help request for page

Hey man sorry I couldn't make your music video, I wasn't on much today, I probably can tomorrow, anyway I wanted to ask if there was a way we could change the background for The Paradox page. I would really like that, and so would the wiki, and the guild members. You would definitely get alot of brownie points with me, and I'd be glad to help you with your vid. Thanks :D

Animated Spanish FlagSir Carlos Clemmente King of Spain!Animated Spanish Flag 05:32, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

hey tama

hey tama is there a emote with that is a smily-face that looks dead? i need it for a template i is making please help.

~LeClerc Sharpe~



Animated Spanish FlagSir Carlos Clemmente King of Spain!Animated Spanish Flag 07:42, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

Dear Tama63 all i wanted was to go in the paradox guild and join there congress thing. Sorry if i made that blog and twist the words im just confused right now. Please dont get me band but please delete the blog. I was really freak out of that person i forgot his name but he said he would delete my page. Im just new into this Pirates wiki.

Dear Tama63

Can i talk to you please? Because i still cant get over the blog thing that happen.


How about you make the newsletter into a blog? That way people can comment without having it on their talk pages. Maybe make a category called newsletters to keep all of the blogs in one stop. You could also add the news category so it gets on the main page.--KatBlueDogHiya! 15:14, July 10, 2011 (UTC)


First of all, please ask if you use my header. Second of all, use header2 if you don't ask. Third of all, I didn't gt the newsletter.

Animated-flag Spanish-Signature Cap-Crimson Animated-flag


So is that signature design Pearson had... so your allowed to cross over it? Nope than. For your information I made the picture that's in that header, so... I edited it, not just found it on the net, I made it.

Animated-flag Spanish-Signature Cap-Crimson Animated-flag

The Resistance

I would like to inform you that I think a Contributer has made a major roleplay page without the Admins permission here is the page The Resistance


How about Bureucrat of Templating? I did make page banners, floaters, and button navigation possible for customization. Good idea?

Animated-flag Spanish-Signature Cap-Crimson Animated-flag


Come on chat. Need to talk to you.

Animated-flag Spanish-Signature Cap-Crimson Animated-flag

Cafe Comment Colors

Can you help with comment colors on the Cafe? I know that they'll have to comment sometime, but I already got my idea :P and you'll need a color too!

Can you help???

P.S. This my idea: (Emerald)


*~>High Priestess Keira Kinover-Mar of The Holy City<~*

Signature Help

Dear Tama,

I've got my signature worked out, I just don't know how to make it a URL so other wikians can access my user's page from it. Can you help, please? Sincerely,

Lord Jeremiah Garland,British Viceroy

You know that message you sent to everyone using the fancy thing in the corner of the screen? Well, there's a typo. Kitty the Cat just informed me it says "Pole-playing" instead of "Role-playing". Can you fix it?

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW
@admins sig-sign

Dear Tama63

Sorry but i really need to see you. Is it ok that you can delete the blog i would be really happy.

From Marc Cannonshot


Hey Tama, I have two requests. One is that you look at my user page an criquic it. My second is that could you please look over the Gen. Of Peace page and organize it better. Both are avarible through my sig. Thanks :D
200px-Potc skull color
Lawrence Daggerpaine, of the Gen. Of Peace and founder of Daggerpaine Industries.

Ur a Hall Of Famer

Tama63/Archive is in the Hall Of Fame!!!
. Please put that on ur user page.

havent done anything

listen admin tama63, i have not made a new page for like three to five months ago

plz do not send me messages plz i havent done anything

or that role play request

sorry i had no idea about what u were talking about until i saw the roleplay request page

sorry about that

are we fine

King Edward Daggerhawk

p.s. ignore the other messages i wrote to u

sagain im sorry


Hiya Tama! I was wondering if you could make me a really cool signature, like a really nice, high-tech looking, professional, signature.

Could it possibly be like a G.I.F thing? Like lighting up?

Oh well, I trust you'll make me a really good one

If you can't then just leave me a message!

Cap 01:41, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Dear Tama63

Can you help me get my signature please im trying to get my signature to Pears.

From Marc Cannonshot 09:38, July 11, 2011 (UTC)Marc CannonshotMarc Cannonshot 09:38, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Wow Tama63 you must be very busy you can do mines later do the other people request first. Oh ya keep up the good work and i might see you on the highs seas in POTC :)

From Marc Cannonshot

Never made germany declares war on spain what are u taliing about leave me alone i'm not doing anmything everyone ius always blaming stuff on me back off

Hey... um I dont think Ive done that, but if I have sorry. Admiral Henry of the English Privateers 13:50, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Dear TAMA63

I guess i didnt do the message thing right lol but i guess i can now give you my signature

Marc Cannonshot 15:59, July 11, 2011 (UTC)Marc CannonshotMarc Cannonshot 15:59, July 11, 2011 (UTC) |}


Maybe you can give me more specific instructions? I can't figure out how to change the admins comments color on the Cafe but with more specific instructions I think I can get it with more not insulting you but I can't figure it out I changed the color but it wouldn't work it would just change our name color

Jason YelloweagleTalk6,416 Edits

Hey, Tama, remember when you told me about that type of hot chocolate? What was it called again? I forgot, and I really want to see if I can find it.

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW
@admins sig-sign

Okay but

If you look through the conversation Jzf and I had you'll see that it was he who I asked and he uses the TOC and button thing.


job offer

Hey Tama

Would u like a job at PWNAGE Productions Co.? Its for stories movies etc especially piratewood movies. We need someone with your mad skills and maybe a director if Lawrence declines. U could also cover special effects etc


Jack Pistol of


Hi Tam, I already have a sig ( Edgar ) I was wondering if you could make me a new one here? could it be something techno with gifs if you can?



Dear Tama63

Thank you for the signature :) srry for sending so much mail to you lol. I hope i get to see you on Tortuga mate

From Marc Cannonshot 06:33, July 12, 2011 (UTC)Marc CannonshotMarc Cannonshot 06:33, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks tama!

Thanks, one question: What font is that? But the sig looks awesome!

Egar-princeEgar-edgarEgar-wildratEgar-engalbd British Flag Animated

Your design? I got this from a mate on the Pokemon Wiki. He is a good coder and a friend in real life. I'm sorry for the confusion... -- Jzfredskins Talk

I'm sorry. I didn't know my pagw was against the rules. would you be kind to delete the page?

Oh thanks

I already have that font :P

Egar-princeEgar-edgarEgar-wildratEgar-engalbd British Flag Animated

Wiki Census

Message Icon Bot Message:
This Message has been sent to all users by a Bot Software though to make the edit appear it has been signed and sent by the admin who activated the procedure The Context of this message may not be directly aimed at you and may reference a page as an example,the message does not blame you for anything

Please take part in the wiki census here-- Tama63 Talk  @admins sig-sign 17:30, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

Should there be an Admin review as well, so users can give there opinions on the Admins, or did we opt against that? -- -- Jzfredskins Talk


Good Tama.

-Pats head and throws tama-treat -

Curycoo2Youtube1Youtube2 17:33, July 13, 2011 (UTC)

Logo Request Please.

Ya can you make me two logos one for Drinkers Inc. and another one for Mystic Muck? Please? thanks

Coin flipSharpeCoin flip Arr Emote

Admins Templates

Can you not use the admin templates I made please? THanks.

Captain Crimson

Request and Question

  1. Can you make me a transparent picture of a crown for my talk bubble?
  2. I think you messed up, because you added me as a bur. :o Am I a bur....?

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW
@admins sig-sign


lol you have all those emotes with long codes how about making them into a template so ppl dont have to copy and paste! xD

P.S. On the Userbox Page it has a that is more like a page banner can you put it on the Page Banner page xD?

Userboxes is Under Construction!

This article or section is currently being edited by [[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]!

Please do not edit Userboxes unless it is a spelling or grammar issue

Coin flipSharpeCoin flip


make a logo for Guild Contest? btw whats that font u use on Mystic Muck

~LeClerc Sharpe~


Did you erase my sig? o.o

Davy Hookrecker

Please look at this Advert I made-- Tama63 Talk  @admins sig-sign 06:50, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Admin Review

Please take part in this admin review

Many Thanks-- Tama63 Talk  @admins sig-sign 07:50, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Talk Page

Could you please delete my talk page? I don't need the constant new message notifications from all the automated messages you guys send out, and deleting it should stop those. Sactage (Talk) 13:57, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

If you're using wikipedia:WP:AWB, it shouldn't, it won't include any deleted pages in the list. You could also always check off the "page does not exist" box under "Skip if...", that will make it not recreate the page as well. Just, please, stop the message leaving on my talk page. Sactage (Talk) 14:11, July 17, 2011 (UTC)


Hey Tama. THe code for Template:TopAdmin i'd like to use but instead for my own uses. IS that ok if i use the code. I want to make a template like that. Please :D it looks cool.

Animated Spanish flag2Cooltext538675643-1-Animated Spanish flag2 17:31, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Well i was going to use it for my userpages. One with the Isla Inferno Pic saying This user created the Isla Inferno pages on top of my userpage though and another saying this user works for the royal navy and the navy pic. Will that still work on userpage or i cant do that?

( well ok. Ty for that and another request i like that slider thing for ur talk . I saw it on edgar's and i was going to ask you to add to my user talk as well.

Animated Spanish flag2Cooltext538675643-1-Animated Spanish flag2 17:38, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Me Nomination

Tama, thank you for nominating me for featured Wikia, I also wrote a backup on your nomination.

Captain Crimson

Admin Messages

Uberfuzzy said this when he removed the admin messages guys, seriously, please spot spamming all users on your wiki. I agree. Can you not send out messages to every user on the wiki? You saw how many people got mad when you sent out the roleplaying message. Just make a blog or something to announce something. I have seen the message get repeated three times on one user's talk page. I just think you shouldn't send out the messages to every single user. Staff members and inactive members don't want the message. --KatBlueDogHiya! 04:03, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

Re:Admin Review

As I am not an active user on this wiki, I do not feel I'm qualified to review your role as an admin here.

Fair Winds, - Obsidion SigTalk 00:24, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

Obsidion, you do not have to do said census, that message was a bot message and sent to every user.
200px-Potc skull color
Lawrence Daggerpaine, of the Gen. Of Peace and founder of Daggerpaine Industries.


Why cant we chat on Chatango, isnt that what its there for?

Jim Logan The King of All Conduits Word Life! 00:26, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

Cavern Exploration page request

Hello I wish to create two pages abouts two locations which are Tormenta Spings and Thieve's Waterfall I've discovered in the past and now I wish to secure my Claim before anyone else does. 237px-Joe Biden Signature.svg @admins sig-sign 16:18, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

Get online

Get on.--Shade@admins sig-sign 18:38, July 19, 2011 (UTC)


How do I archive my talk page?

Jim Logan The King of All Conduits Word Life! 22:53, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks! :)

Jim Logan The King of All Conduits Word Life! 12:23, July 20, 2011 (UTC)


Hello Tama. I'm just a random passerby, and I've noticed that this wiki uses some really awesome coding. I am in the process of improving my wiki's coding, and would really appreciate if you would be as kind as to share the bit of coding that allows for the clock above the "random page" and "wiki activity" buttons, and where to insert it. Could you also tell me how to edit what appears in wikia modules, such as the "add a page" section. Do they have designated MediaWiki pages? I would really appreciate some help with this. --{{SUBST:PikapiSigMini}} 16:01, July 20, 2011 (UTC)


TAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i is wondering if theres a code for backgrounds for user pages like screensavers and stuff :D?

Message from Wikia Staff


There are a few issues to discuss with the community here. First, there is some really rough JavaScript that is slowing this site down, mainly stemming from the placement of the "Start Chat" button on the front page and the use of cursor images. I'm not sure what our position with this is in regards on our Terms of Use - I am checking on that. However, even if it does fit into our Terms of Use, I would recommend getting rid of them.

The other issue is more delicate. I have done some digging into some of the communications we've had with members of your wiki via our support system. The amount of volume from your wiki in particular is surprising and unfortunately, it almost always resides in drama - whether it be user conflict, claims of sockpuppetry, or claims of admin abuse.

Wikia staff is always here to help, but there is a point where we have to say that to engage members of your community on every single point of contention amongst you all is not productive and we must leave you to figure it out yourselves.

Thus, this message is to say that emails to Wikia Staff about personal or inter-user matters on this wiki or the similar ones many of you also administrate will not be answered. We will indeed read anything you send in, but unless it looks like the matter is serious and not merely "drama", it will be closed without reply.

I know this may sound harsh and unfriendly, but I can't justify the amount of time we have spent thus far trying to manage this wiki. --daNASCAT WikiaStaff.png (help forum | blog) 14:37, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

Hang on, I dont evem know you, why should I take part in the review? Admiral Henry of the English Privateers 17:23, July 21, 2011 (UTC)


and how do u dis "wikia.css" stuff to get background o_o

~LeClerc Sharpe~(ik ur sleeping im to lazy to message u when ur awake xD)

Idea :D

I made a pagabanner :D tell me wat u think bout it btw code behind it is from my contruction.

Tama63/Archive has been given a strike!

Admin, {{{1}}} has given you this strike because of {{{2}}}. We suggest cooling down, as continuing these actions may result in a block!



We can rename it later but it's a strike banner.

Animated Spanish flag2Cooltext538675643-1-Animated Spanish flag2 19:30, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

Your Invited!


Dear Tama63/Archive, You have been invited to attend the Royal Grand Romanov Ball It would be a true honor if you could attend. The Party starts this Sunday at 3:00pm Eastern Time, Antik, Fort Charles.


Cap 21:46, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

Big Request

I have a big request. Could you like totally revamp my userpage with tabs, and fancy fonts and stuff. I'm just not that good at it. I don't really care what exactly you put on it, I have no exact request like phrasing, I can work that out later.

John Breasly, Admin of FAOTW
@admins sig-sign

Auto ReFresh

any idea why auto fresh thingy isnt working :?

~LeClerc Sharpe~

User Ranks

We should put the correct user ranks for each user. Or would that just be considered "spam" and "unwanted"?

 Benjamin Macmorgan
Rbf logo - black on transparent background

07:40, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

Thank you :)

 Benjamin Macmorgan
Rbf logo - black on transparent background

07:43, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

List of users

Isn't their a page that contains every user? Isn't it Special:Users? Or something like that?

 Benjamin Macmorgan
Rbf logo - black on transparent background

07:45, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

Spam Deletion Request

Click Here That Page is spam o_o and this should be a blog or deleted and this one that is weird but needs to be deleted :P

Coin flipSharpeCoin flip

i forgot one -_-

Click Here this looks like spam needs to be deleted or become bloged :p

Coin flipSharpeCoin flip

a request

Hey Tama

Sorry to bother you but can u plz make a logo and poster for my new company, Nautillean Mining Industry please?

For the poster, which i have put on top of the page, i would like there to be writing on it in gold or black saying: "Nautillean Mining Industry" and maybe include the guild logo which is File:Painico Imperial.png or whatever logo you will be making, it depends on how u make it and what looks good.

For the company logo could u maybe include the guild logo? File:Painico Imperial.png

If i havent made much sense or you are not sure what i want just message me and ill get back to you and try explain better.

Thanks alot Tama!


Jack Pistol of

oops bad links above ^. i think it is Painico imperiale or something.

PS for the poster could u crop the sides so only me and the machine behind are seen? i dont know the name of the photo and i need to go soon so i cant get it, but its the 1 on the top of the page

thanks again


Jack Pistol of

Ban Request calling ned a "fag" and trash talking

~LeClerc Sharpe~

Category Request

I would like to make a category called "Adoption Requests" its for people who want to adopt pages and a admin can check in it day to day and say approved or not

~LeClerc Sharpe~


My problem is on Nautillean Mining Industry page. I added the floater/banner that u made for me on The Order of Nautillus page. LeClerc then told me in the comments that he made a template for it, but he used the template in the comments so it was added to page, i also used it in comments but i edited my comment to remove it. My problem is now that LeClerc's template and my original are on the page and i want only mine. I asked for our comments to be deleted but Kat said she would only delete it if it was made into a floated (idk the reason) so LeClerc did so and now theres some transparent green thing on page as well, could u get rid of everything except the banner/floater that i put on the page please?



Jack Pistol of


So, meaning if you put the code on lets say on User:Tama63 it will show how many times people have viewed it?

Edgar SIgnature Request like mine

If so, can I put it on The NALC?


Hey Tama, me and Sharpe have an idea. Users have a hard idea sending messages to all the admins, and we were wondering if there was some coding which you could get that would send a message to all the admin talk pages? Thanks
200px-Potc skull color
Lawrence Daggerpaine, GM of the Gen. Of Peace

LEave Message Button

How did you make the Leave Message button on your talk page go away? And can you add this to Java Script, it will stop commenting for all blogs that have not been comented on for 30 days or more. Like Centra.

/* lock blog comments for blogs that haven't been commented on for more than 30 days.
   by: Joey Ahmadi
$(function() {
if (wgNamespaceNumber == 500 && $('#article-comments-ul li').size() > 1) {
var then = $('#article-comments-ul > .article-comments-li:first .permalink').attr('href');
then = new String(then.match(/\d{8}/));
var monthnames = ['January','February','March','April','May','June','July',
var year = then.match(/^\d{4}/);
var month = then.substring(4,6); 
month= monthnames[month];
var day = then.match(/\d{2}$/);
then = new Date(month++day+', '+year); 
var old = parseInt(now - then);
old = Math.floor(old/(1000*60*60*24));
if (old > 30) {
$('#article-comm').attr('disabled','disabled').text('This blog post hasn\'t been commented on for over 30 days. There is no need to comment.');


Captain Crimson


mesa is wondering if you can get rid of the auto refresh button until its fixed :D?



Anyway i luv ur backround for your userpage and i was wondering if you can send me link that way i could edit my userpage css or whatever xD plz :(

Animated Spanish flag2Cooltext538675643-1-Animated Spanish flag2 22:36, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

Deletion Requests

i would like for you to delete Zombies and Bokor i did not know it was aganist the rules


My Status Thing

Check out my status thing at User:Captain Crimson/Status, tell me what you think. I wanna show off. :P :DDD


Captain Crimson

User of the Month


I saw you made a "User of the Month" page thing. Jerry and I were the first to come up with the idea, I think we should be in charge of it.

ShadowSignature 14:04, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Wouldn't it be like FAOTW?

ShadowSignature 14:10, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

What about reviews?

ShadowSignature 14:15, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Okay seriously, not to be rude, but your not the one who came up with the idea in the first place, why are you making all the decisions?

ShadowSignature 14:21, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

I think I have a solution, you me and Jerry get together and make a plan for it.

PS: How do you like put pictures over font?

ShadowSignature 14:25, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Okay, but how do you like have the pieces of eight font with like a picture over it. You do it with a lot of logos.

ShadowSignature 14:34, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Whenever I add a picture it becomes a background and I can't merge it with the text.


Whether it is or isn't, I know it's responsible for the problems. When I turned it off, the problems ended, but when Step and Kat turned it back on, the problems came back.--Shade@admins sig-sign 20:47, July 27, 2011 (UTC)


No, can you give ti back to me please? I was trying to give back my powers because i demoted myself for a cooldown, and then when I went back to give myself powers again, it acted all wierd and my bur went away. Can you give it back?

Captain Crimson



Captain Crimson

Dear Tama63

I have a Present for you for giving me my signature.
Gift to Tama

Present to Tama63

From Marc Cannonshot

Dear Tama63

I forgot to add my signature to my letter.

Dear Tama63

How many signatures can a person have? Also i was wondering if i can have another signature if i can? Is it ok that the signature can look American or Presidental lol




Thank you. Thanks for complaining on all of my page and finding SOMETHING wrong. I am so sick of you. You must really hate me. You make me feel like my pages and me are useless, "Which is beast", so basically you are calling my company horrible. You act like you own me. You are like a big bully, I hope your happy. Because of you, I never want to go on wiki again because everything I do is wrong according to you.

ShadowSignature 17:25, July 28, 2011 (UTC)


First check Smart Snap for my request Smart Snaps xD wrong link anyway check that and then i like ur backround for ur page and could u send me the link for my personall css. plz plz plz cause i want to change my backround. Personal Css. is like for my userpage i mean

Animated Spanish flag2Cooltext538675643-1-Animated Spanish flag2 21:24, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

Dear Tama63

Thank you for the guild logo!! Do i need permission to add it on my guild page? also how can i make a banner for my guild page?


Deletion Request

Hey Tama, Could you deleteCaptain Robert's Guide:SvS and Pvp Farming, i dont want to work on it anymore so this is an author reuqest for you to delete it. Ty

Animated Spanish flag2Cooltext538675643-1-Animated Spanish flag2 12:02, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

Dear Tama63

Im not that much good with some of the stuffs on the computer but i was wondering if you could make the banner for me?

From President
American Domain President Marc

Marc Cannonshot as President


Please take a look at: this


Rbf logo - black on transparent background
 Benjamin Macmorgan

16:59, July 29, 2011 (UTC)


I would love to join. Sign me up! -- Jzfredskins Talk


Can you tell me the gif in chat? I'm on chat right now please tell me and I won't tell Shadow.

Doing the wave

Colorful bouncerEdgar WildratFire jumper

Doing the wave


Hi Tama, the page is User:Prince Edgar Wildrat of England can you put all the stuff into tabs?

Doing the wave

Colorful bouncerEdgar WildratFire jumper

Doing the wave



Can you help fix it to be an avatar for Johnny Coaleaston thx

Jason YelloweagleTalk6,416 Edits

Server pages suggestion

Hey Tama

I had an idea for expanding the server pages. Like we have a heading for Pirates and Guilds on that server we could have a section on each page for fan companies based in the server and fan locations that are in the server. We could also create a userbox or page banner that says: {{BASEPAGENAME}} is located on {{{1}}} server! that could be added to pages with locations basing themseleves in certain servers. There are a lot of these pages for example: Piratewood is on Hassigos, Everglade Alley might be on Guines and that fan city i said i was going to create earlier will also be on a specific server.

I can help with doing this if you approve


Jack Pistol of

i think i forgot to add a nowiki add the end of 1 of my codes in my last message and its all weird now and i cant edit my message, sorry :P

nvm i managed to fix it by going to a url to edit ur page :D


Jack Pistol of

server help

Yay Im glad you like the idea.

Im sorry i didnt understand what u want me to help u with? Could u just explain again and Ill get right on it :D


Jack Pistol of

can u...

Can u also please add a fan locations header to the pages please? Not all the locations will be companies for example Everglade Alley, Piratewood and my fan city arent companies but they are based on servers Im sorry if my message stopped your bot work.


Jack Pistol of



I think we can both agree that we have both been a little mean to each other lately. I know I don't really like it, I don't know if you do, but either way I want it to end. I don't like being harsh to you nor do I like you being harsh to be. You are a great admin and a coding master. I hope we can forget about the last few days and become friends once again.

ShadowSignature 13:36, July 30, 2011 (UTC)


Wow, you scare me, I was thinking the exact same thing, lol, that would be great.

ShadowSignature 13:46, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

Wait what? If you move all the stuff from my page to your page? And what about a smart snap sig xD? Sorry I just got up!

ShadowSignature 13:51, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

server pages

Hey Tama

Could u take a look at my comment Abassa#Comments < hope that link works xD



Jack Pistol of


um why did you delete my sig? and plus it wasn't on as my sig it was actaully a template. But in all honesty, I think I had the full right to use that and make it into a sig ( unless you delete it because you thought it was "copying" ) so im just wondering why you deleted/edited it ( as I'd prefer my signatures weren't edited/or deleted )



Well why not? I thought my idea was good. But i'd still like my sig ( tab ) reverted- or back as long as it isn't breaking any rules.

{{SUBST:User:Benjamin Macmorgan/sig4}} 14:29, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for responding, then.


You know how it says, "A company created by Tama", can it be "Tama and Shadow"? :P Cause the companies are merging, but your name first :D.

ShadowSignature 14:42, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

I would like to fund the OST Premier if possible with Shadow and Co.

ShadowSignature 17:55, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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