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You think you can tae Switzerland? Well you better get ready bud because I will eliminate all traces of you from POTCO, I rip your guild apart from the inside. I will kill your friends, your family, your life. Prepare for no mercy to be shown by me you filthy gorgon.

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Indeed, Mr. Crossbones. He is now charged with piracy, and will be executed by a cannon, No, HOWITZER FIRING SQUAD! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coollogo com-27015741150px-Coat of Arms of Switzerland.svg 21:47, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

Dear Joseph Coalsmythe,

I bring a message from the current monarch. He request a pre-war meeting on Antama Ocean, near Tattoo Bonita. Please show up, as this will be your only chance before war breaks out to minimize bloodshed.


Flag of swissPrincess Olivia of SwitzerlandSwiss

47th Regiment of Foot

I am creating a british regiment that I wish you to join. Ask me on my page for details. Good day.

Savvy Sig 1


POTCO Swiss Chat. I'll meet u there.

Savvy Sig 1

Sorry, but I can not accept at this time .... Still trying to set up my own Government... However, I will think on it.ACISig 04:17, December 15, 2012 (UTC)

Ah, yes I forgot you are the Duke of Wurttemburg.


If I may, may we meet on this chat?

ACISig 04:21, December 15, 2012 (UTC)

Relations Between Genoa & Nepal

As of now, I no longer think it is in Nepal's best interest to be allies with Genoa. We can remain neutral if you'd like, but I think it'd be better not to be allies.

NultsSig Flagofnepal

i need ur sky pee. kbai. Lord Blake UNKG0001 21:34, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

When I get unlimited access this week and get the guild of srpski militia together may we ally?

I don't know, maybe if we get to know eachother better. When you get your access back we will set up a meeting in-game

King Giuseppe Giacomo Ermmano I of Genoa

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To His Majesty of the France,

I ask that you come on to the server sometime soon so that your gift may be delivered!

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