Blau Wolf XIII

aka teh nostalgic

  • I live in in nostalgialand
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is nostalalgizing
  • I am a Nostalgic


Excuse Me

Would you like to tell me why you removed me from administration, promoted Hannah, and deleted a bunch of threads, all without vote?


-That was The Scotsman's work. Besides, you haven't been active on the wiki anyway.




Hey mr. blauman. Since I know that your doing the new badges, I thought i'd help out by giving a list of ones that need to be changed, all the others should be fine.

Here are the badges that need to be changed: guild created

20 famed items

crew created

15 famed items

5 famed items

speed chat

first famed item

You've done an amazing job so far bb, and I'd expect nothing less. kek.


Ned KewlSig


Here you go: guild created - silver - 50 edits on article stubs

20 famed items - gold - 250 edits on fan creations

crew created - bronze - 10 edits on article stubs

15 famed items - silver - 100 edits on fan creations

5 famed items - silver - 50 edits on fan creations

speed chat - bronze - first edit on blog post

first famed item - silver - 25 edits on article stub

Ned KewlSig

Well, Hallo, im actually not sure if your aware of the new server, NeddehCraft 2.0, if you are, I would humbly request your help in clearing out trees and making Krak De Chevaliers, a Hospitallier castle.

Respond when your able

sign by

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20:17, June 18, 2015 (UTC)
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