I really like it, but here's my breakup on it:

  • Pros:
    • Photo background.
    • Text editing.
    • Border design.
  • Cons
    • Border connecting: To me, the border seems a little bit rushed, and everything is so imperviously a patterned design. You could, say, make some random flaws within the border, as well as use a brush to make it connect to the picture better, and make the transaction smoother.
    • Text placement: I mean, who's gonna see the words in the darn smack middle, if there's content there. If you were to make it transparent, it might work, or the wiki might turn into an unreadable mess because of it. I would spin the text 90 degrees and smack it down on the right and left side, that way people can see them while browsing the wiki.
    • Bottom: I know it's meant to be a still background, so it wouldn't move, but I never liked those. I honestly would gradient the bottom to black and make that basic wiki background color black, that way they blend. It would be ironic, especially since you can never see the bottom of the sea. ;)

Now, it might look like the cons are more in detail, which is true, but those are little things in big words. :) The pros are much more in number and quantity, but it's just me and the OCD in me that has to have everything perfect.

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