aka mom forgot to name me

  • I live in deep within dig site 69
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is mediocre student
  • I am Nults' pet sloth
  • ZoomerStrife

    if i 'magined you as a breaking bad/best contact saul/the path character

    neds a funny dude, like he makes you laugh also he get into zany antics like cause brother's death or smuggle cartel money

    he old and mean, also he really cool ig and work for potion lord me! high unarmed skill

    great guy/girl/individual. like to help people but as the series (wikicraft) continue their life is jeopardized because ned is dumb. likely will not survive wikicraft 3. also we ran out of characters (u can tell cuz nults is way hotter O_O)

    An upstanding citizen and the owner of a profitable restaurant chain specializing in fast-food poultry. There is nothing special about this man (except a few minor homicide charges, war crimes, armed robbery, and jaywalking in Sid…

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  • ZoomerStrife

    I Have a Meme

    January 22, 2017 by ZoomerStrife


    It is a new day in Phoenix, AZ, especially for a sexy young man known as Zoomer A. Strife. Zoomer emerges from backstage in a massive stadium to greet a crowd of thousands of red-white-and blue-blooded America-loving shirtless fans. He is followed by Governor Mallace and Lieutenant Governor Gunfish, both once shining stars who have today collapsed into the black hole of irrelevance. That's right, hoe, this narrator knows his astronomy. Anyway...

    As the dashing Zoomer emerges into the glow of the sun, his handsome features are illuminated. Covering his 6-foot-2 frame is a four-thousand dollar Waglin' Klein emerald green suit, the smooth color accentuating his striking hazel eyes. As he draws closer to the grand podium, a warm Arizona breez…

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  • ZoomerStrife

    I, MC Zoomer, leader of the great and graceful Zoomeropolis, wish to nominate said nation for a part in the Chillandian Alliance. Since the dawn of our nation, we've upheld the primordial values GFW stands for. Not only do we stand for freedom, but we also have a thriving industry in all areas with the exception of Automobile Manufacturing. Furthermore, in comparison to The Hobolic Republic and Samtansia, we are the most pro-market and have the greatest military and scientific advancement. We've kept the Samtansians from attacking other GFW nations effectively, and we've vanquished terrorism within GFW. Regardless of the Alliance's response, us at Zoomeropolis will continue to strive toward ensuring the happiness, safety, and prosperity of…

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  • ZoomerStrife

    doing this in an effort to both get activitiez and make this a better day 4 me

    comment below if you want in pls and kthx

    HurrcheeseDa2nd (talk)

    Like tables, Ned does his best to bring and keep a group of people (in Ned's case the wiki) together for as long as possible. He's also on or around the wiki a lot, just like there's tables in most households.

    Like bookshelves, Waglington (Lith) is full of knowledge and creativity. If you look past the weirder sides of Lith, you'll find a creative soul whose works of art can be interesting and fun to read.

    Nults' memes and jokes create a familiar and relaxing atmosphere for fellow wikians, oftentimes pulling them away from whatever salt they experienced during the day and giving them a good laugh. Also,…

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  • ZoomerStrife

    k, this is my first blog and what's a better topic for my first blog than a final fantasy game

    comment below if you want in kthx

    HurrcheeseDa2nd (talk)

    An easy pick, Waglington (or "Lith") has always come across as an enigmatic, unorthodox man such as Vincent. Having worked for Shinra in the past, he sealed himself inside a coffin within an underground tomb for over twenty years, believing it his way of "redeeming" for letting the experiments on the unborn Sephiroth continue. Lith also has that strong sense of justice.

    Another easy pick, Ned has always come across as a carefree, good-humored person that gets serious when the situation calls for it. Cait Sith masquerades as a fortuneteller in the gold saucer before joining Cloud and the others …

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