aka That's private.

  • I live in That's private too.
  • My occupation is Also private.
  • I am Human.
  • Whathopercy

    I, Jay Brightsun, on mine own bidding, am taking leave of the Caribbean for a time. I am sailing to Africa with some other miners and get precious metals and resources. Mine allegiances still lie with Edgar Wildrat, Prince of England, to my friends and family, to the crown, and Benjamin Macmorgan. I will return sometimes, and i will return again one day. Farewell my friends, and let this madness be over when I get back!

    Sincerest Regards, Jay Brightsun.

    Hey guys! Sorry about this but I sorta got caught up with another game on this computer. Frankly it's a bit more educational(From my aspect) and more non - brain rotting. So, yeah, i still will be coming on here, just probably like... once or twice a week. I couldn't just leave and not let pe…

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  • Whathopercy

    Oi just seeing what this was like, since i NEVER have XD!

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