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    June 21, 2011 by Voxelplox

    We currently have: 47 pages and 62 photos and this wikii has only been around for 3 days!

    How to start:

    1) create a account

    2) write a story about your virtual person

    3) create a company, become the leader of a country, or whatever

    4) be active

    5) edit pages, help the wiki

    6) be nice to others.

    7) run a government

    Nation Life Wiki - your world

    Please come and visit and help out, I dont expect you to even care about it. But please help out. I understand wiki coding, But I completly need a LOT of help from some good loyal friends. I consider everyone on this wiki a friend. So I would like to ask if some of you could come and help out. I need help with some coding, ideas, pages, main page, and all that. So if you like a big fun project please come over…

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    Hey! So I've been helping the sims medieval wiki for over a year now, and I know a bunch of you don't play this game. But we seriously need good people to edit, And so I'd like you to come and help us edit. Its a factual and fanon wiki. So you can write stories, create contests and other stuff. So heres some stuff!

    Link to the wiki

    So yea if you like helping people out feel free to come over and give a helping hand!

    now this may be random but.. Read more >
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