I resign from rollback, and I officially -quit- this wiki. 


1) Everyone hates me

2) Everyone hates me

3) Everyone hates me

4) I feel like I've done SO much for this wiki, and I loved this place SO MUCH and ironically now EVERYONE hates me and I find this place depressing.

I actually considered lots of you close friends, but obviously I was just wrong for thinking that..

and Albert, look at me now, I'm resigning "like a man". 

Honestly I miss how the wiki was in 2011.. everyone was nice, and really wanted the best for the wiki.. there were fun times. Now whenever I glance at this site, I feel depressed looking at it, I can't express my opinion without getting SLANDERED. Yes I've been a jerk to some people, but thats just my personality. Fact is, I've done so much here, and made so many friends. I've been an extreme jerk to some people, like John Breasly. Sven, Johnny Goldtimbers, etc. I'm sorry. 

I can't really do one of those "Thank you for being a good friend" list because frankly I don't think I have any friends here anymore, most of the people I kind of considered friends quit/and they probably don't even consider me a friend.

Also I'm a awful rollback, and I probably wasn't a good chat moderator either, I haven't had time for the wiki the past year -or ever since 2012-. I have bigger things to worry about, and my time is heavily crunched. I really don't understand why I was ever a rollback in the very first place, because I'm obviously a bad one in all of your opinions.

So thats it, Benjy Mac leaves/resigns. I guess I've been a pretty loyal member to the wiki -since May 2011- 

So good bye and always eat pie. :)

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