• Voxelplox

    A few ideas

    September 22, 2014 by Voxelplox

    I have slightly been watching/observing the PPW since I kinda left out of curiosity and I noticed a few things; 

    -It seems that the level of maturity here has hit rock bottom; I don't mean this in an insult, I mean I think a lot of people here have sort of given up and now this whole wiki is a big joke. Want proof? Well it seems Greasyscarrlet has become the predominant langauge here, and it seems that a large fraction of the new content is devoted to sillyness. Okay, thats fun but I think it turns away prospective editors. 

    -This wiki has become too political. This isn't congress, you don't need to treat it like it. Bureaucracy never works well.

    -I think since everything seems stagnant right now, that a good option to consider would be to st…

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  • Voxelplox

    I resign, and goodbye

    August 12, 2013 by Voxelplox

    I resign from rollback, and I officially -quit- this wiki. 


    1) Everyone hates me

    2) Everyone hates me

    3) Everyone hates me

    4) I feel like I've done SO much for this wiki, and I loved this place SO MUCH and ironically now EVERYONE hates me and I find this place depressing.

    I actually considered lots of you close friends, but obviously I was just wrong for thinking that..

    and Albert, look at me now, I'm resigning "like a man". 

    Honestly I miss how the wiki was in 2011.. everyone was nice, and really wanted the best for the wiki.. there were fun times. Now whenever I glance at this site, I feel depressed looking at it, I can't express my opinion without getting SLANDERED. Yes I've been a jerk to some people, but thats just my personality. Fa…

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  • Voxelplox

    Hi, I have made Pirates Online Players Wiki:Report. As we saw before, with the spam attack, we are very vunerable to that. A rollback or admin may not always be on, so with this, just report the incident and it will be taken care.. this is for widespread vandalism, or spam ( but petty vandalism is fine too )

    Also, as a side announcement when making templates please check to make sure there aren't already ones similar, and please give them a good name not Template:B. I made a index of this, so if you want to easily see the templates just use Pirates Online Players Wiki:Templates Index

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  • Voxelplox

    Let's find out. I subsribe to and heres a very neat puzzle, post your scores below MUAHAHHAHA Banana

    Are you smarter then a chimp?

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  • Voxelplox

    Ok, Pearson is going to post bad links onto comments soon.. this is a heads up. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS THAT ARE FROM AN UNKOWN USER. 

    This is really a heads up, we don't want any problems. I added this to news because this is important. 

    We have evidence that Pearson will be spamming our comments with well.. pornographic links. Please DO NOT click any links as they may even contain viruses 

    Thank you

    UPDATE: VSTF came to the rescue, thank you User:VegaDark. 

    Please be careful with links that are posted by a wikia contributor still, I have suspicion that this isn't exactly the end with this. 

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