• The Spaniard I

    Hello there

    I must question you, why do you think your little empire and guild is superior than Spain. You always think Pearson is a noob and blah blah blah etc... But look into the facts. Look into the guilds Pears created. Carribean Rangers, The Paradox, The Delta Empire, and many more. Almost EVERY guild got maxed. Now look at the Eitc. Name me two guilds that got maxed and proove it. Goldtimbers and Breasly want war. Ok it's fine for me, you will be smashed like a wasp. You call yourself an empire? Look at our:

    Casa Di Royale-The Royale Family, Commanding men of Spain

    Ocean's Cult- Part of the Spanish Royale Armada (Royale Armada)

    The Scurvy- Allies that are willing to destroy the eitc

    The Complex-Army that owns-Ben S. in command of it-will…

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