What happened

Captain Leon John Goldloather hacked my account and destroyed SPARTANS and thus forth leaving Romania with just a king and the PM pirate gone.

Im Sorry To People

1. Pearson - Leaving Spain To Soon

2. England - Not Announcing My English Departure

3. Everyone I have wronged

The Will Of Basil Brawlmonk

1. The Sword Of Basil - Albert Spark

2. The Prime Minister Of Romania - Vacant

3. All His Riches - William Shoresmythe

4. The Brawlmonk Manor - Albert Spark ( for a vacation home )

5. Basils WEB - Sven Daggersteal

A Message To Leon

The proper authorities have been contacted about your illegal acts of internet piracy ( that is a real crime and a violation of security rules, and clear violation of the Disney code )

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