Status: Busy Ledorange

Hey Guys,

Here is a new template I made: THE CODE IS :

{{Status|online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = busy}}

  • It auto postions in the right hand side of a page


Will work on any page


By default, the output will be as follows
  • Status: Online Ledgreen - online
  • Status: Busy Ledorange - busy
  • Status: Around Ledblue - around
  • Status: Vegetating Ledblue - veg.
  • Status: Offline Ledred – offline
  • Status: Sleeping Ledred – sleep
  • Status: Unknown Ledgray – if you dont want to say


{{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = busy}}

hope you like it :)  Tama63 Talk  @admins sig-sign


Examples for users to copy if they get confused

Status: Online Ledgreen

Status: Busy Ledorange

Status: Around Ledblue

Status: Offline Ledred

Status: Sleeping Ledred

Status: Vegetating Ledblue

Status: On Holiday 30px-Holiday.png

Status: Unknown Ledgray

Examples coding:

  • {{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = online}}
  • {{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = busy}}
  • {{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = around}}
  • {{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = offline}}
  • {{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = sleep}}
  • {{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = veg}}
  • {{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = holiday}}
  • {{Status |online/busy/around/offline/sleep/veg/holiday/unknown = unknown}}


Do you like it?

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