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Wiki Meet and Greet

Ever wanted to meet more members of the Wiki Community,well now I will be hosting a Wiki meet and Greet where you can meet other wikians and have Fun.
It will be on the 8th October at 2pm PST, meet on Vachira on Padres Docks by Rott

Here are the Events:

  • SvS: Admins VS Users,Girls VS Boys etc
  • Boat Race: from one island to another possibly a building as a finish line
  • Swimming Relay:Teams of around 6 complete 1 lap of swimming round an island,changing the "relay baton" by saying a certain Phrase
  • Wiki Scoundrel of the Seas:A Wiki boat and we attempt to port with full loot @_@

Ship Race

  • From Padres Beach
    Wiki Meet and Greet Ship Route
  • To Ravens Cove,guess the picture for location
  • admins a refs
  • Reward:Have tama be their slave for the day
  • Rules:
    1. Only Use of Sloops
    2. No Teleporting
    3. No using additional skill items ie sea globes

Swimming Relay?

Swimming Race Wiki Meet and Greet

The Race will be round Rummrunners Isle starting and ending at the enclosed beach area.


Team Red:

Team Blue:

  • Shade Link
  • GenLawrence
  • Captain Robert
  • Captain Hobo

Team (Hot) Pink

  • John Breasly
  • LeClerc Sharpe
  • Benjamin Macmorgan

Team green

Team yellow

  • Please wear a T-Shirt Matching your team name
  • 6 per Team



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