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I Tama63 (Sysop,bur) Herby nominate Benjamin Macmorgan for the "Rollback" User rights group,with the demotion of rollback recently I have decided we need someone to fill the gap.

I have picked out these points for his nomination

  • Has had experience using the rollback powers as an admin on other wikis
  • Has a clear understanding of Wikia Policy and Local Wiki Rules
  • Is liked by most Community Members
  • Good amount of edits made in good faith
  • Skilled in Wiki Markup
  • Good Community Suggestions
  • Uses correct Grammar

Benny has had his ups and downs here much like myself but thats the journey must of the users have taken to get to where they are today,with the removal of shadow's powers I have been looking at the candidates to fill the gap so to speak.I'm sure many of you were thinking the same.Benny has been on the Wiki for along time , on his previous account, he acts calmly to most situations.He like myself has a good knowledge of wiki mark up and html many have used his ideas on their pages spreading this "fever" of page layouts.I didnt add Chat Moderator to this because I think it would be unfair since other chat moderators gained their powers through a separate nomination. --Tama63 @admins sig-sign 13:26, October 2, 2011 (UTC)


  1. Tama63
  2. John Breasly
  3. Prince Leon of England
  4. Katbluedog
  5. Stpehen
  6. Jack Pistol
  7. LeClerc Sharpe
  8. Lord Matthew Blastshot
  9. GenLawrence
  10. Jzfredskins
  11. Shade Link
  12. Davy Hookwreaker
  13. Marc Cannonshot
  14. Lord Cad Bane
  15. Goldvane
  16. -Davy Badbones-
  17. Captainjosh98
  18. CaptainShadow11
  19. TheDeceasedCaptain


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