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Pirates of the Caribbean Online - Pirates Forums

Some of you may know that the Pirates Forums got split well, there's the moved site and the revived site ran by Spania GM treasurer.The Forum is growing very quickly it already has over 1000 messages within 2 days and nearly 100 members.If you join now you could become a site founder

Site Founders Guidelines

  • First 200 members
  • over 20 posts
  • Wasnt a member who came to spam the other forum link
  • Approval by Staff
  • Site founder-the tag

Why you should Join

  • If you are a guild on the forums with enough members you could get your own tag and a private forum for the guild for free instead of the hassle of setting up a guild site.
  • Stay up to date on the Game
  • A Growing Community


  • You could become a
  • Greeter Greeter.png
  • or Reporter News reporter

The Wiki Area

Yes the Wiki has its own area of the forums at

The Old Forum

  • You can be on both this revived and the other forum

Thanks for reading Simon Redskull Adviser(Staff) at the revived Forum

The Tags arent copied from the other forum, T orignally Created them

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