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While I was asleep the CAT Group was formed, I think this group is pointless on the following counts

  1. Looks like a power grab
  2. To like the "Admin Deputies"
  3. Users can do most of the features of the group
  4. Not really needed

My Argument

  • End arguments ( they have the right to move a page to their blog )
    • anyone does this already
  • Warn users if they violate the rules
    • Admin Job
  • Help other users whenever possible
    • Anyone can
  • Act as role-models
    • admins
  • Help the Administrators through other tasks.
    • Anyone can
  • Act as "Administrators" when the admins are offline
    • We have admins in different time zones
  • Help grow the community
    • already growing
  • Fight Spam
    • VSTF
  • Mark copyrighted images for deletion
    • Anyone can
  • Discuss the wiki with administrators
    • Anyone can
  • Dismiss or approve ban requests.
    • against the assembly
  • Help resolve user vs user problems
    • Anyone can

What I am asking for

I am asking for an admin/rollbacks vote to have the trial ended and this idea shut down(rollbacks comment with your vote then I will add it)

Support close

  1.  Tama63 Talk  @admins sig-sign 11:15, August 18, 2011 (UTC)
  2. Support Support - and i g2g to school o_o(LeClerc,Rollback)see comments

oppose close

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