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I've been playing the game for around 2 years now and for me its starting to get boring, the lack of updates and the quality of gameplay has gone down, so after thinking for a while, I've decided I will be moving to play minecraft full time.Thanks for a great time on the game.

Now for Wikia, lately wikia has been going in a more social direction feature wise and I feel its lost its magic from when I first joined. I lack of user customization has also been shocking.So here are my goodbyes.

To all the admins....

Thanks for being great to work with and I hope this wiki grows and the community stays as vibrant as it is.I hearby give my roles over to Jack Pistol and I hope he has a fun time trying to work out all of the imports.I would also request that no one else be made a bur since I think the balance was off with only 2 admins. I would also request that sharpie be given the chance to be promoted to admin as his role as rollback has been outstanding

May our paths cross again


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