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It has come to my attention that the "Chat Raids" which took place may have been going on again, to be honest if you dont edit somewhere why be in their wiki chat.Today I was on central and it turns out another wiki has been raiding other chat the Degrassi Wiki has been warned and the Suspected Users where issued with warnings of Global Blocks by Wikia Staff Sannse.This is how serious it has become, and I know for a fact that people wouldn't like this Wiki Chat Invaded so I will be enforcing some new rules:

  1. If you are found raiding other wiki chats you will be banned from Chat here and it may be reported to Central
  2. If' you continue to Raid other Wiki Chats you may lose your right to edit here for a certain period of time.
  3. Compremise:
  4. Please don't damage this wiki's reputation on other wikis
  • Please note that Chat Raiders may be issued with Global bans and may be Banned from Community Central Chat

I will be on Community Central Chat listening for Complaints, additionally if any of the Admin Team participate in these "Raids" the consequences will be dear the same will apply to: Rollbacks,Chat Mods. Admins,Chat Mods and Rollbacks may have their demotion blog written , if I feel their actions make them unfit for their given power.

Action by Central Admins and VSTF:

Taken from talk:Charitwo


Thanks, I appreciate it. *remids Charitwo that was sarcasm*. -_- Wow, I told you I'm nto a sock since I'm admitting to having other accounts and not vandalising. Plus, if you're gonna kickban me, kickban the others who took part in the Spam Raids because they also raided chat, so only punishing me for it would be not right.


To Summarize:

Raiding other Wiki Chats could result in

  • A Global Block
  • Your Demotion
  • A Block Here
  • A Ban from Chat here
  • Banned on Community Central Chat


  • I would also like you to go to the wikis you raided and apologise the Chat Mods and Admins that were Present during your attacks.

Thank you for reading and I hope you understand how serious this is

 Tama63 Talk   on behalf of the @admins sig-sign team

The Rules will only be enforced if there are chat raids,the ban is for the second chance

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