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Some of you stalkers who look at my test wiki may have seen this before :P

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I Tama63 (Bur,Admin(of Chat)), User now Chat Mod

Chat Moderator Nomination

Herby Nominate Benjamin Macmorgan for the Chat Moderator User Right on the following counts,

Ben like most of the Rollbacks is very active on chat, and often assists the current chat moderators with "governing" chat, I will probably say what I mentioned in his rollback nomination but I think he truly deserves this.Myself and other admins don't spend as much time on chat as we used too, so I feel we need someone to fill the gap!

  • Is very active on chat
  • Reports users for breaking wiki rules and other wiki issues,ie MediaWiki
  • Is active on the wiki and will be able to monitor Chat
  • Has proven himself to be a good editor.
  • Is a rollback
  • Has had experience using the moderator powers as an admin on other wikis
  • Has a clear understanding of Wikia Policy and Local Wiki Rules
  • Is liked by most Community Members
  • Skilled in Wiki Markup
  • Good Community Suggestions
  • Uses correct Grammar

Please vote and put any feedback in the comments.


  1. Jim Logan
  2. Tama63
  3. Katbluedog
  4. Jack Pistol
  5. Stpehen
  6. GenLawrence
  7. Captain Crimson
  8. CaptainJosh98
  9. Lord Maxamillion
  10. CaptainShadow11
  11. Jzfredskins
  12. Captain Robert
  13. LeClercSharpe
  14. Nightmare10
  15. Jason Yelloweagle
  16. John Breasly
  17. TheDeceasedCaptain
  18. JeffreyBlasthawk
  19. Davy Hookwrecker
  20. Matthew Blastshot



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