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In the Early Hours of the morning for myself , the wiki experienced a wave of vandalism, at the time no admins were online to deal with it and a few users spent their time reverting it until I logged in.

Thats why I would like to on behalf of the sysop team nominate Jarod for Chat Moderator and Rollback , this way the wiki will be covered near 24 hours a day since Jarod is on usually until I get on, Jarod is a great user and has excellent contributions to the wiki by edits and through his impact on the community.Jarod is trusted by the community and is was suggested for rollback a few months agom but we felt we didn't need anymore at the time, but after this attack we think we do!Jarod has always been in line with the Rules and I think would be an excellent addition to the rollback team.Chat Moderator would be used to combat trolls when again none of the other admins/mods are online to deal with it.
Remember this is your vote as a Community feel free to make any comments along the process of the vote!

This Vote needs 20 supports to pass and ends at 9pm GMT 10/3/11


  1. Stephen
  2. Johnny Shark Turner
  3. Keira Kinover
  4. Pencil Boy
  5. Captain Crimson
  6. KellyStormEagle
  7. Captaingoldvane2
  8. Sharple
  9. GenLawrence
  10. Parax
  11. Lord Andrew Mallace
  12. Katbluedog
  13. Johnny Coaleaston
  14. Jason Shiprat
  15. Jack Pistol
  16. Ned Edgewalker
  17. Samuel Redbeard
  18. TheGreatMatt
  19. Billplunderbones
  20. John Breasly


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