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As a growing wiki with nearly 4000 pages there are over a thousound user-made userboxes out there in this contest I aim to find the Wiki Community's Favorite Userbox.The winner(creator of the winning Userbox) will receive an Userbox congratulating them for their efforts.After the sucess of the last contest and by popular demmand I am running this again


There are a few rules/requirements in order for your userbox to qualify.

  1. The Userbox must have an image
  2. The Userbox Should have a clear layout
  3. The Userbox Should be easy to read
  4. No copied then modified userboxes
  5. You may have up to three(3) userboxes submitted
  6. I reserve the right to remove/decline your userbox from the nomination area


Please comment with your userbox and its code to show the code simply type

Tama63uctable1 Tama63uctable2 Tama63ucmaker
La maf logo Tama63 LaMafia Template1 {{{1}}} LaMafia Template2
{{LaMafia}} Jack Pistol
Thunderspine userbox Tama63 is in possession of the infamous Thunderspine sword!
{{Thunderspine}} LeClerc Sharpe
Novilest selection! This Novelist has written {{{1}}} novels that has been selected as FAOTW
{{Novelist}} LeClerc Sharpe
Icon players guide Tama63 has defeated {{{1}}} enemies!
{{Enemiesdefeated}} LeClerc Sharpe
Userbox Contest Winner
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