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Okay, so many users have been trying to use chat hacks, but it hasn't been working for them. I'm gonna give a detailed report of what chat hacks do.

This is my chat screen, notice anything new? Chat hacks

The new stuff is a Ping phrases button, an AFk button, an easy PM button and a clear chat button (Kind of glitchy).

This is a ping. It highlights the ping phrase in red and makes a noise to alert you someone is talking to you. Ping

As well as getting a ping for your username, you can make pings for other phrases. Ping phrases

To get these awesome chat hacks, go to community central, create a page called User:<insert name here>.global.js, copy and paste this code from here User:Stpehen/global.js. Then clear your cache and enter chat from the side bar on this wiki. And you should have chat hacks :D

Credit goes to Jason Yelloweagle for showing it to me and Monchoman45 for creating it.

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