Well it's that time of year again, where children get candy, and adults try as much as possible not to fight :P Today I nominate myself as honorary cupid, and ladies, don't get any ideas, I'm not wearing a diaper >_> (XD) Though I will have these sharp arrows - accidentally shoots one at Slappy - Sorry! Oops, looks like he's after the toaster now... Anyway, if you want to make it "special" on chat you can PM me to send "cards" to people for you, anonymous or yourself. That's right... I'M MUSHY ON THE INSIDE!!!!!!! - shows you an x-ray - See? There are my mushy insides... XD This is only going to be a one day thing, so I suggest you make the best of what I offer. Or else... Have fun! :P

Honorary Cupid of the day

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