Hello, As you have hopefully heard, we are in the process of updating how videos are stored and presented on Wikia. As part of this, videos will soon be seen by MediaWiki as “files”. This means they will be part of the file namespace, and so are now searchable and have more detailed file pages that can be integrated into image display tools. The videos will still automatically receive the Category:Videos tag, so you can find all videos there. You can find out all of the details on my blog post.

To do this, we need to migrate all videos from the video namespace to the file namespace. This process will happen across the site next week. We plan to start this migration on Monday April 2, and are looking for a couple of wikis to volunteer to go first. Since your wiki has quite a few videos, we are hoping you would be interested in volunteering. This will greatly help us in identifying any potential problems early on. We will be available as this happens and will keep you updated. Please let me know if your wiki is interested in going first and helping us.

Thanks in advance!

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