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The German Flag.

150px-Kaiserstandarte vg

Emperor Treasureswines Flag.

The German Army is a guild on Pirates of the caribbean online run by Kaiser Richard Treasureswine who is the Emperor of Germany. They are helping all pirates against EITC. They own to servers that only allies know about. Uniform code Dark Blue bandana, Blue PVP Helmet, Dark Blue basic sash, Wallop Boots,Dark Blue Linen Highwaters, Patchwork vest,Dark Blue Linen Puffy Shirt,Dingy Long Coat. Kaiser Treasureswine has announced not one step back. The guild can speak two languages English and German.

The Guild is at war with lots of guilds and is defending there home bravely and strongly. They will stay fighting until the final victory of the enemies. Orders by Kaiser Treasureswine-Not one step back. Cowards will be executed.

Nick names: Rats

Allies: 1.The Red Resistance 2.Anarchy Knights 3. South 4. Germany Protection sqaud

Enemies: 1.Co. black guard 2.Co. black empire 3.Kings Privateers 4.Black Mercenary 5.The Co. Empire 6.The Paradox 7. The British Knights 8. Moons crew 9. Order of Nautillus

Neutral:1. Viceroyalty Co. 2. Viceroyalty Co.2

Kaiser Treasureswine is sick of Samuel Redbeards troops after him so he has now got control of all Germany. He does not fear EITC. Kaiser Richard Treasureswine speaks fluently English and German.

To show this guild can actually speak English and German here is the writing above this sentence in German-

Kaiser Treasureswine ist krank von Samuel Rotbarte Truppen nach ihm, damit er hat jetzt die Kontrolle uber ganz Deutschland. Er hat keine Angst vor EITC. Kaiser Richard Treasureswine spricht fliebend Englisch und Deutsch.

Mono:Heil Treasureswine

Kaiser Treasureswine hat es personlich gegen Samuel Rotbart- Emperor Treasureswine has made it personal against Samuel Redbeard.

Marching anthem Helenenmarsch and victory song Konnigratzer marsch.

The Guild name right now is Germany Co.

Note: If the German army Surrenders they will be back and at war again.

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